The Sportscar of the Future, Ladies & Gentlemen... The Jaguar C-X16

The beast can drive up to 188mph, and is believed to be one of the biggest car news by many car enthusiasts..

The Jaguar C-X16 Front

The Jaguar C-X16

The Brithish Luxury Manufactorer of Sportscar Proved The World Wrong, Hybrid Cars Can Afterall Be Furious Drag Race Cars Too!

Jaguar has just launched a new concept hybrid car, it is meant to be a competitor against Porsche Cayman, Tesla Lotus and all the other fast coupes in todays carworld. However, you can not make a politically correct car without the 'hybrid-badge' which is why Jaguar has attached a 95hp electric engine. This has made it possible for the Jag to go 34MPG, which is compareable to regular american produced cars, however- they surely don't have 475hp.

To further reduce CO2-emissions and improve the fuel economy, C-x16 features the Start/Stop system which is able to shut down the engine in just 300 milliseconds after the car is stopped. The Twin Solenoid Starter (TSS) is capable of restarting the motor again, requiring just the time it takes for the drivers foot to go from the brake to the accelerator. This is the first time such a system is used in a supercharged engine.

According to Jaguar itself, the beast goes from 1-63 mph in just 4,4 seconds, and from 50mph to 75mph in 2,1 second. Furthermore it is possible to drive up to 50 miles solely on the electric engine, if you don't go too hard with your right foot. The car is already widely known in the UK, and are recognized as one of the sportscars who most british look forward too.

The official stats:

Engine: 3,0 litre twinturbo V6
Performance: 380 hk + 95hk from the electric engine
Nm: 450
1-63 mph: 4,4 seconds
Top Speed: 188 mph
Automatic transmission: 8 step
Weight: 3555 lbs
Price: $90.000 - 110.000 approximately

The Jaguar C-X16 Interior

The Jaguar Is Extremly Classic, And Almost Shouts Performance in Your Face When You Get Inside. By Pushing The Red Button, You Enable the Electric Engine Which Burst an extra 95hp out Through the Back Tires.

The Interior