Jaguar has recently started a re-positioning of the brand and the new Jaguar XJ is so far the most daring demonstration of the re-positioning of Jaguar. With its modern and fluid lines, it looks more sporty and more advanced than its predecessors, The Jaguar XJ is a good combination of performance, high-tech and beautiful design.

The Car
Jaguar XJ 2010The lights at the back are on the outside of the car and are triangle-shaped. The brindle roofline gives the car a quick look. The panoramic glass roof is not only a beautiful piece of design, but it has also a role: it provides the necessary light in your car. The side windows seem to flow seamlessly into the rear window. The remarkable headlights of the XJ give the car a sporty look.

The XJ models are available with both standard and long wheelbases. The latest version offers backseat passengers more freedom of movement and comfort, as there is for them more space for the legs. The luggage compartment has a capacity of up to 137 gallons/520 liter, so two large suitcases fit easily into this car.

The bodywork of the car is made of aluminum which makes the XJ at least 330 pounds / 150 kilograms lighter than its competitors in the same category. Because of the aluminum contruction its running gear is astonishingly light,which gives it handling to rival the sportiest cars in the segment. The standard version of the car comes with 385-horsepower V8, but an optional supercharged version offers more horsepower.

The interior of new XJ is state-of-the-art and features innovative, all-LCD dashboard and console displays. The modern interior design has elegant, rounded shapes. The finish in chrome and black creates beautiful contrasts with the handcrafted wood. Furthermore, the interior can be entirely adjusted to your liking.

All the factors above deliver a remarkable and pleasant driving experience. The price range for the Jaguar XJ goes from $72,500 for the base model to over $115,000 fully equipped.

Image change
However, it still needs to be seen if Jaguar's restyling will give the brand the image change they need to survive in the highly competitive automobile-market. The Jaguar XJ seems to be a step into the right direction.