For those who have always seen the Bonsai Tree as an exciting plant, but have thought that you simply did not have the expertise necessary to develop one yourself, you may want to consider the Japanese Maple Bonsai. These are not just beautiful plants, but ideal for beginners as they are easily cultivated and looked after.

The Japanese Maple Bonsai comes in several different varieties, and every one of these different trees offers some great color during the spring and fall. Much like outdoor maples, the Japanese Maple Bonsai tree will have leaves that change color in the fall. The tree will likely shed its leaves and stay dormant throughout the winter months.

These trees are not only simple to care for but are extremely colorful too. The Japanese Red Maple Bonsai has red leaves more or less all summer that become brighter during the fall. The trunk and branches may also turn into various tones of green and red.

Another popular type of the Japanese Maple Bonsai would be the Bloodgood Japanese Maple. This beautifully shaped tree features leaves which are reddish purple during the warm months and become a vivid crimson color in the fall.

japanese mapleTo get a Japanese Maple Bonsai you could have outdoors on the patio, the Crimson Queen Maple is an excellent option. This tree is really a dwarf and grows to become about ten feet. If pruned correctly, this kind of maple may also make a good in house Japanese Maple Bonsai Tree. Its leaves are long and feature a feathery appearance that transforms from dark red in the summertime, to a deep red during the fall. It features a charming, sweeping shape.

Although the Japanese Maple Bonsai is easily the most well-liked of the Maple Bonsai Trees, there are many Maple varieties that really work magnificently as Bonsai. For example the Sugar and Norway Maple Trees. Another option is the Red Sunset Maple. This tree provides a good red fall color as well as a wonderful balance of proportion.

All different kinds of Bonsai Trees are available from specialty nurseries; or perhaps you could try growing one yourself from seed. It's advised that you find out all you can about growing and caring for the Bonsai Tree prior to starting. This will help to avoid needless frustration.

If you would like attempt cultivating a Bonsai Tree for yourself, take a closer look at many of the Maple species, particularly the Japanese Maple Bonsai. You just may find that it's much easier than you would have thought.