If your looking for an outstanding wireless bluetooth speaker, then I must recommend the Jawbone Jambox Wireless Speaker to you. I purchased this wireless speaker over a month ago and I'm still in love with everything about it.

Jawbone JamboxCredit: www.amazon.com

Finding a great quality wirelesss speaker with all the features I wanted was not an easy task. After going through a couple cheaper and low quality models that I had purchased, I decided to pickup the Jawbone Jambox Wireless Bluetooth Speaker On Amazon, mainly because of the rave reviews it was receiving. To put it short, the Jambox is hands down the best wireless speaker I've ever had or seen.

The Best Value Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Product Features

When I first opened up the Jawbone Jambox I immediately noticed that it actually was extremely well constructed. It's constructed out of solid stainless steel while still being light and easily portable. It has a simple, yet eye catching design and extremely basic and easy to use buttons.

Jawbone Red DotCredit: www.amazon.comI quickly connected my iPhone via bluetooth and was surprised by the amazing quality of sound the Jambox was producing. It was far superior to any model I had owned before, easily filled a large room with great sound or outside in a backyard. The sound is crisp, clean and has great mid and high tones.

The battery actually surprised me by lasting just over 11 hours on one charge. It also came with both a long and short micro USB cable for charging and connecting to a computer which was nice.

I had heard that the Jawbone Jambox also worked well for talking on your phone via speakerphone. I now use it all the time while listening to music in just about any room. You can  even program a quickdial and with one push of the button your calling your favourite number.

The Number One Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Overall the Jawbone Jambox Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is the best portable speaker I've ever owned. It is truly a wireless speaker as ZERO cords are needed. It's loud, crisp sound delivers on every level and fills any room with quality sound. The battery is quick charging and long lasting, great for those day trips or days out by the pool.

Jambox continues to provide free software updates that add new features and keep it current.

If your looking for a great portable speaker that will last, don't pass the Jawbone Jambox up!