Finding a pair of jeans that fits can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack, but using this guide will take the tension out of jeans shopping, leaving you to only worry about style the next time you're at Urban Outfitters or American Eagle Outfitters.

In general, you'll find eight types of jean cuts available. These include high rise, boy cut, skinny and super skinny, straight leg, legging, boot, artist, and boyfriend cuts. Understanding the differences in each style will help point you to the cut that is right for your body.

  • Legging- The legging style is pretty straight forward. These jeans are incredibly slim from the hip down and will fit like a pair of cotton stretch leggings. You won't find hardware such as buttons or zippers on these jeans.
  • Skinny & Super Skinny Styles- This style sits very low on the waist. The jean will be snug down the thigh and into the ankle with a very narrow opening at the bottom. As its name suggests, this style leaves little to the imagination and will highlight flaws if you're not a slim person already.
  • Straight Leg- Again, a very straightforward name for this cut. From the knee to the ankle is a straight cut. This means it will not hug your calf and ankle as a skinny jean will. This provides for a little wiggle room and is often thought to be a more comfortable choice. The fit is slim in the hips.
  • Boot Cut- The boot cut will sit higher on your hips, providing some tummy control if needed. Though it will be snug in the hips, the cut flares mid calf. As the name suggests, this allows your "boots" room to breathe.
  • Artist Cut- This style really has flare. A mid-rise waist with tummy control and a flared bell. The flare in the leg is another slimming feature. Beware, however; if you are a very slim figure, this cut can add bulk. It is the friend of a curvy girl.
  • Boyfriend Cut- Another friend to the curvy girl, the boyfriend cut is relaxed at the hip, thigh, and knee. The bottom has a bit more structure opening up into a mild boot cut flare at the bottom.
  • High-rise- Don't get this cut confused with granny jeans. Although the style lends itself to a mid torso seated waistline, there is nothing frumpy about this look. In fact, you need to be slender to properly pull it off. A structured and tucked in top goes best here, so don't count on this cut to hide your tummy. Fit will be slim through the hip, thigh, and calf.
  • Boy Cut- Differing from the boyfriend cut only slightly, this style is meant to be a bit baggy and slouchy. You'll find a comfort mid-rise jean with a loose, relaxed fit through the hip, thigh, and calf. This style is often a cropped look.