The Jetsons Make A Great Group Costume for Halloween 2019

The Jetsons Halloween costumes for kids and adults are a great idea for groups and families.  If you are a Baby Boomer, you certainly remember the simple theme song…

Meet George Jetson.

His boy Elroy.

Daughter Judy.

Jane, his wife.

The History of the Jetsons

During the 1960’s, America was trying it’s hardest to get a man on the moon and win the space race against the Soviets.  A love affair with space, technology and the future spawned the Hanna Barbera cartoon, The Jetsons.  They already had a hit with their animated prehistoric family, The Flintstones, so they used the same formula and set the series one hundred years in the future, in 2062.  

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The show premiered in 1962 and only lasted one season with 24 episodes.  As with may short lived series of that era, it became a hit in reruns.  Today The Jetsons can be found on television on different television stations.

While we do not live high in the sky or fly to work each day, some of what was futuristic in The Jetsons is a reality today.  Elroy watch television on his wristwatch, we can watch any program we desire on our smartphones and other portable devices.

Because it is still around, both children and adults can dress in Jetsons Halloween costumes.

George Jetson Halloween Costume

George Jetson was a hard working man who put in a few hours of work a week at Spacely Sprockets pushing buttons. He seemed to get fired by his boss in almost every episode, only to be rehired back by the end.  George is a loving and devoted husband who is also a bit clueless about what is going on in his home or how to handle malfunctioning appliances.

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This George Jetson costume comes with blue pants with green attached belt.  It has an elastic waistband so it is both comfortable and can stretch to fit most adult male waists.  The white long sleeved shirt has a pointy collar.  It also includes a red haired wig with his classic cowlick. 

Jane Jeston Halloween Costume

Jane Jetson, a housewife and mother of two, loved her family as much as she loved to shop.

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She loved her fashion and would never been seen on her picture-to-picture television without being fully made up (and if someone called before she was ready, she had a fully made up mask!)

This glamtastic purple halter mini dress is sure to stop traffic when you walk into the room.  It has a plunging neckline and a large white collar.  Boot tops are also included, as is Jane’s bright red wig.

Judy Jetson Halloween Costume

Space aged teenagers are no different than any other teenager.  Judy Jetson, who attends Orbit High School, loves to shop, talk on the phone and hang out with her friends.  Her styling blonde ponytail is her trademark look.

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The Judy Jetson Halloween costume comes in a bright pink, so you definitely will be noticed!  The outfit includes a shimmery light pink midriff top with a scoop neckline.  It has a large darker pink collar.  The skirt is light pink and the attached pants are dark pink.  Matching sleeves for the wrists are also included.  The wig is sold separately.

Elroy Jetson Halloween Costume

Smart as a whip as well as sweet and gently, Elroy Jetson was such a pleasant little boy. He is six-and-a-half and attends the Little Dipper Elementary School.

This adult costume come as a one piece green costume with white shirt.  It has a large brown collar, just like Elroy!  The green headpiece with antennae is also included.

Astro Jetson Costume

Do you have a pampered pooch whom you want to take trick or treating?  Now he can have his own Jetsons Astro costume.  This one piece outfit fits over the front paws and has an Astro headpiece.

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The Jetsons Halloween costumes are a fun idea for family and friends to dress up in.