Finding a job in the tough economy is hard, but finding one you really like is even more difficult. Many times you end up taking a job anywhere there is an opening, just for the sake of a paycheck. If you aren’t qualified in any specific area, your choices are often quite limited. Even college graduates find that for every job they are qualified for, there are at least one hundred people or more who are trying to get that same job. Now, more than ever before, people are looking for ways to make money outside the conventional nine to five daily grind. Because the job situation is so tough, and the competition fierce, starting your own business seems like a much safer choice.


You may think that you don’t have the skills necessary to start your own business, but you could be wrong on that point. Everyone is good at something, so you just take what you do know, and are good at, and turn it into something profitable and enjoyable. For example, one of the options you might consider is that of child care. Moms who once stayed at home to raise their kids are now finding that they need to return to work to supplement the family income, and this is where you might come in. If you enjoy children, are interested in their welfare, and have the time to do it, consider becoming a professional babysitter or nanny. If you have the room in your home to accommodate children, this is a great way to earn an extra income.

Indoor fun


Even if you live in a small town there is always a need for qualified childcare providers. By providing such a service you will be able to assist the parents who need someone qualified and dependable to care for their children when they can’t. The decision is yours as to how many kids you are willing to take in, but don’t let yourself become overwhelmed. Kids are quite a handful, so taking on more than you can reasonably handle is not a wise decision unless you have help. You may have someone who you can rely on to come in for a few hours each day to assist you-perhaps a friend who wants to earn a little income by giving you a hand now and then.


Another thing to consider is whether your home is adaptable to setting up your childcare business, and what ages these kids may be. Very young kids, or even newborns can adapt well to a smaller space and you won’t need much room, but if you are considering kids that are a little older, you will need room for them to run and play, both inside and out. They can get rambunctious, need space to burn off excess energy, and if you have a very small home things can get a bit hectic. Don’t get into a situation where you will all be driving each other crazy! The result will be frayed nerves, kids who are constantly bickering with each other, tears and temper tantrums, and a very unhappy atmosphere.


Babysitters need to have experience with children.

If a childcare business appeals to you, take the steps needed to make your home as kid friendly as possible before you begin to advertise the service you are offering. Of course, if you are a parent, you already know what you need to do, or your home is already childproof and safe. Invite potential clients in to have a look around so they are assured that their children will be competently cared for, and above all-safe from harm while in your care.


Advertise your new business in local publications, ask your friends and relatives to recommend you, get business cards made and pass them out, post on bulletin boards, or even set up a website that states what you are offering along with contact numbers. You can even include pictures of your home and references if you have them. A business like this can be fun and enjoyable for both you and the kids, and parents who have to leave their children while they work can be assured that you will make sure they are as well looked after as your own would be.

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