The Job Outlook for Debt Collectors



Since the recession ended in June 2009, the economy has experienced may ups and downs in terms of growth.  One of the many fluctuations has occurred within the job market.  Jobs have been created, but not as many as needed to prove the economy has fully recovered.

With so many people out of work, a need to find a new career path has become a necessity to survive.  If some do not update their skills, they may not become gainfully employed for a while.  One of the jobs that people are finding themselves in is that of a Bill and Account Collector.  Bill and Account collectors are in essence debt collectors.  They find and tell delinquent customers of their status via mail, telephone or sometimes personal visits to receive payment.  Some of their most typical duties include:

1. Receiving payments.

2. Posting payments to the customer's account.

3. Locating delinquent customers.

4. Updating the financial status of customers.

5. Advising customers of necessary actions if payment is not received.

6. Negotiating payments.

7. Persuading customers to make a payment.

8. Notifying credit departments and turning over account information to attorneys when customers fail to respond.

9. Inquiring about why customers are delinquent.

10. Sorting and filing correspondence.


These are just a few of the main duties of a bill and account collector.  It can be a difficult and stressful job for most, because it requires a lot of calling and persuasiveness.

The job outlook for this career is good. New jobs are projected to be created in the healthcare and financial services where delinquent accounts are common.

The annual salary for this career is $31,300 with a growth of 19.3%.  Annually, there are 15,690 jobs available.


Some companies will provide short term on the job training.  Some banking and financial experience is desireable, along with a knowledge of clerical, accounting and economics.  Customer service is a very favorable background to have since you will be speaking with customers most of the day.


Being friendly and outgoing is important.  In addition,  you must be persuasive, confident and bold.


Again, you need to be persuasive, have negotiating skills, and speak clearly and effectively.  In addition, be an active listener, and possess good math, writing and critical thinking skills.

Work Environment

Most of your work will be done indoors, sitting in front of a computer using repetitive motions; this is a likely scenario in this field.  In addition, you will probably be working in a noisy office space with other account collectors.

In conclustion, this career is an option if you need to find work with little education required.  You will gain customer service experience, organizational and financial experience.  Plus, most of these jobs will have on the job training.  But this career is not for the faint at heart.  Remember, being friendly, confident, aggresive and persuasive will help you succeed in this field.