Men and women alike both love to be acne free. However, what can we do to keep it that way? It's not just a problem plaguing teens. It also hits adults at random times, especially when hormones get out of whack. But there are several basic steps that we can all follow to keep our skin blemish free.

The best way to have acne free skin is a constant cleaning routine. Women should never go to bed with their make-up on. It's always best to take the time upon waking up and definitely going to bed at the end of the day to wash one's face with a soft gentle soap. Keeping skin clean is extremely important. When you get home from a long day at work or if you've worked up a sweat, take the time to wash your face.

Make-up as a general rule clogs pores. When purchasing your make up, try to find a "mineral" make up. It is light on the skin and it does not clog those pores like many others do. It's also important to choose oil free make up. This will keep your skin glowing and beautiful at the end of the day. It is also important to pick a make-up has Vitamin E.

Drink plenty of water every day. People say it to you every day, but you know it is true. Water detoxifies our bodies. It washes away the bad and it hydrates the skin. It's definitely beneficial to the inside of your body; you won't believe how much it will benefit the outside. Every chance you get, drink that water to promote that acne free skin.

Stop trying to pop or pick at those pimples. It is just not good for your skin. You are likely to cause irritation or infection. And by doing this, you are probably going to end up with scars. It is better to let the skin heal naturally than to squeeze your skin to force out the dirt from the pores. It looked bad before, but now that it is red and irritated and angry, you are just drawing more attention to it.

Take some time and re-evaluate your stress levels. When you feel your blood pressure rising and your stress levels getting out of control, take some time to meditate. Count to ten and relax. Step outside and go for a jog. Take control of your body health wise by putting healthy foods in you as well. When you start to physically feel better, your skin will show this.

Do not forget to moisturize your skin on a regular basis, use plenty of sunscreen, and treat yourself to a facial every now and then. Exfoliation and rehydration of the skin will definitely bring your skin to a new level of beauty. It may take an extra few minutes of your day, but take that time once a week or so and you will definitely see an improvement.

It is not hard to find an acne free treatment, but it is hard to find one that may work for you. Everyone has different skin types and different environmental factors. So if you cannot seem to handle an acne problem, please take the time to consult a doctor. Dermatologists may be able to lead you to a medication that perhaps you cannot do at home or even buy over the counter. They are able to prescribe people a very controlled acne free product. Never be ashamed of having to take that step if the basics do not work for you.

It is definitely a good thing to be acne free. It brings you more confidence and more happiness. It does take some steps and some time to actually bring our skin to that level, but it is well worth it. It is something that we all have to work at. We can at least look like we were born with perfect skin.