How making money online has saved my health, wealth and made me live the best life ever

My friends let me tell you, "I used to work hard; I mean work very, very hard”. In Each and Every day I woke-up around 6:00am to prepare for work, leave my house around 7:00am. I would be stuck in traffic for an hours, then get to work around 9:00am to about 9:30am. Actually, for the purpose of this article I will call what I was doing “JOB” not “work”. You know why, because the meaning of JOB is “Just over Bored”. And “work” means exertion. Well, as for me, I was Just over Board for years.

I would slave from 9:00am to 5:00pm on my job, some days even to 7:00pm, went home and when I get home and I would work 4 hours on my online business, then spend 2 hours researching the stock market to find opportunities and then placing the trade for my trading portfolio, this kept of going on for quit sometimes, 7-day a week, No break and no Joy. This situation went on and on until I got sick and was admitted to hospital. “To be honest with you, even though I worked hard, very hard, I was never happy; I didn’t generate a good income”. That was sad because, when I grow up, my mother always told me that, in order to be successful you have to work very hard.

Is working hard a guarantee that you will be successful in life?

I don’t know about you, but as for me, no, working hard does not guarantee you will be successful. By me working hard, I ended up in hospital and my health, wealth was compromised. How, let me tell you, when I got sick, I used all my savings to pay for my health.

So after sometimes, I realised that this has to stop. I can’t keep going on in life like this. I started referring to the “Story of Mr Ben’s Giant tree”. I started researching ways of improving my financial status without slaving. I’m glad to tell you that, I found it; I found the greatest and the most admired way of making money without slaving 9 to 5. This was the golden ticket that had great leverage, no barriers, a license to print money 24 hours a day and 7 day a week, something you had to work 2 to 3 hours, or automate everything and make money while you sleep. Just wake-up in the morning, check your bank balance. Walla! You smile on your way to the bank.

What Golden ticket I’m I talking about?

The golden ticket that I’m talking about is “Blogging, making money online”. You just have to blog about the subject you love and have passion about, set up some affiliate products in your niche or add some advertising programs. Then all is history.  

My dear friends, blogging is the real deal and can make you live the life you always wanted to. It only takes the drive to succeed and everything we’ll follow. Just think about it, For example, this article took me about 15 minutes to write and with a little luck it should earn me couple of dollars a month to hundreds.

What more can you ask…

Happy blogging