The Joy of Farmville: A Beginners' Guide

How to play FarmVille

Many people have different hobbies; some are fond of reading books, some like music, some like swimming, and some like playing games etc., similarly. a group of people have affection with gardening and cultivating their own land, but when there arises a problem like lack of equipment or a person does not have a piece of land for fulfilling his/her desire of cultivating or gardening then what is the solution? Don’t worry guys, take a breath, and say thanks to Zynga, because they have created a game called Farmville. This game is going to help those people who are really fond of gardening. It is really a cool game by Zynga; I have seen many people addicted to this game even those who are not gamers!.

I will try to tell you something about Farmville, what to do in Farmville and how to do it. It is going to be a sort of guide for beginners which will be helpful in many ways for the newbies. The best way to judge this guide is simply to go through it and give it a read. In this guide I will be focusing on the main rules of the game and describe different features of the game.
First of all, let me tell you about the creators of the game. A company named Zynga, which is a San Francisco based company, created this game in a short time of only five weeks. There are about 82 million people playing this game in the world, which is the highest number of people playing any game on any social networks!. The cool thing about this game is that people can play this game in the form of groups, with their friends and relatives. Zynga create most of their games for different social networks, and Farmville allows people to play in groups so they can share their thoughts and ideas with one another. Farmville also helps people to interact with each other.

Now let’s talk about the game. The main idea behind the game is that you create your own farm, in which you will start to cultivate different fruits and vegetables. To begin the game, first of all you have to create an account on Farmville, or login into your Facebook account (if you have one), and go to the games section where you will find Farmville. So to start playing the game you have to cultivate your farm by planting different kinds of fruits, plants and vegetables. During the initial levels you have to cultivate the land with your hands because you won’t have any farming equipment or animals that can help you in cultivating your farm. But don’t worry, you will get this equipment and other stuff related to farming once you start qualifying for the higher levels. There are different types of crops, by different types I mean that there are categories of these crops or plants which takes a different amount of time to grow, some take 45 minutes while others may take up to 4 to 5 days depending on its type. Once your crop is ready you click on it so your farmer goes to that place and harvests it for you. Now another amazing thing about this game is that you can customize your farmer. You can give you farmer different looks. Once you harvest your crops you can sell them in order to profit or you can buy other different kinds of plants. By buying other plants you can again cultivate them.

At the beginning you have to do everything with your hands, even sowing the seeds with your hands.! When you hover over the empty land it will tell you that it is now ready to be plowed. You get 15 coins for plowing a piece of land and it also helps you in earning one experience point. By raising your experience points you can build your farm. With these coins you will be able to buy different kinds of seeds. As I said earlier, different crops take different amounts of time to grow for harvest, so be careful, and don’t let your crops wilt. If this happens you won’t be able to take any benefit from these crops. Similarly, if you want to raise your experience points you can build barns, chicken coops, stables etc., which will help you in raising your points. You can also earn ribbons which you get when you do something extra ordinary during farming. 

One of the most important parts of the game is that you should keep in touch with your neighbors. In order to have neighbors though you should invite people to your neighborhood. Visit your neighbor’s farm and try to help them by fertilizing their crops, by doing this you will be able to earn experience points and fuel for the farming machinery like tractors, planters etc. By using this machinery you would be able to grow and harvest your crops in less time. You can buy fuel with the money that you have or you can also find it within your own farm. The best way to find fuel on your own farm is that to make a habit of plowing your farm every day, this will help you to find the fuel in your own land. You can also fertilize your neighbors’ farm in order to get the fuel for free. The other way of getting fuel for your machinery is that you buy fuel from the Farmville market, but it is an expensive way of getting fuel because you will be charged for it.

If your neighbor has a chicken coop you could try to fetch their chickens as well which will help you in raising your experience points and therefore you may find a bonus egg which you can hatch and get rewarded with different prizes. By doing so, you encourage your neighbors to visit your farm and help you in fertilizing your crops, and if you have a chicken coop then your neighbors can feed them and get points in the same way that you would. Amongst your priorities should be that you should try to increase the number of neighbors. By increasing the number of neighbors this will help you in attaining certain benefits e.g. neighbors help you in gaining higher levels, they allow you to grow your farm more quickly, give you gifts, help to feed your chickens and also helps you in getting fuel for your machinery. Another benefit of inviting neighbors is that it increases opportunities of getting coins and also increases your experience points.

Another exiting feature of Farmville is that you can send and receive gifts. Receiving gifts helps in increasing the number of coins, and also helps you to buy different things at the market. Usually plants and animals can be gifted which you can sell on in the latter stages of the game for different purposes. You can also choose which gift should be gifted to your friends. If you send gifts to your neighbors they will take benefits from those gifts and surely they will return the favor which results in the increase in coins and experience points.  

You can also decorate your farm by moving items. You should grow the crops in a way that your farm looks nice. You should grow trees at the back of the farm so that it will be easy for you to travel along your farm and also your path will not be blocked by the trees. You can decorate your farm by planting the same type of crops at a single place or you can also plant a mixture of crops in a single place, but you should be careful about the harvesting time because if you don’t take the harvesting into account your crops will be wasted.

So there you go, I have discussed the major parts of the game and also guided you how to improve your game by focusing on the main points, but the best way to keep these points in mind and play this game yourself. Also here is a tip which I also apply while I play myself. You should try to have a large number of neighbors and you should also grow more crops and harvest them regularly which will help you in increasing your coins and experience points. This game is really addictive, you guys will really like it, and I hope you will like this guide.