Info barrel provides a great avenue for people to write articles. Many people write for many different purposes. Many who write for Info Barrel write to earn extra money. Info barrel provides an excellent avenue to earn extra money for spending on other needs that the normal income budgets do not allow. For this reasons, many writers study the ad words or SEO (search engine optimization) to write articles for easy search engine optimization thus more and regular money coming into their pockets.

Some people, and I am one of them. write for the fun and pride of having our articles published on the internet. It give us such a nice feeling that to write an article and have it gone through an editorial team of a reputable site like Info Barrel and pass strident guidelines to have it published gives us pride and joy. Viewers from all over the world will view our articles, comment on them and if we are lucky we get some people request to be our friends. That is a phenomenon in itself. We get more than money worth of our articles when our articles are published in the Info Barrel. It gives us such a satisfaction that money cannot give.

Getting paid by Google Adsense is just part of it and it is like icing on the cake. I do not necessarily check my adsense account regularly. All I do is check my content and see my statistics of my viewers. When there is a progress in my statistics I am excited that some people somewhere in the world log onto his or her computer and views my site. The information and knowledge I contribute to the world in the article at least might help, amuse, educate or even anger a reader. When a comment is posted, it even gives great pleasure of seeing a person whom I may not have the chance in person meet the one who writes a comment on my article. That is the old fashion desire when authors went to great lengths to have their books published to have reader, reviewers and academics cite their books. They even pay for publication. This is the privilege the internet technology brings to us now that we can only write at the minimum of a 350 word article and have it published electronically and take pride in it for a small work that takes a least for season writers half an hour.

The difference between those who write for the joy of having their articles published on Info Barrel and those who write for money is the amount of effort put into their work. The two words that the latter combine to make one so that they get value out of it is quantity and quality of articles. The former, who write for joy of having their articles published just take quality as an important rule of thumb to consider when writing because it the one (quality)that determines their article's publication. Many times, it is nerve breaking to have articles rejected by the editorial board team because it shattered the writers' dream to have his or her article published. Therefore, quality is a catch word for people who want to publish for the joy of seeing their handiwork in the internet. Thanks to Info Barrel to provide this avenue. To get paid by adsense through sharing of revenue generated by the joy of publishing articles on Info Barrel is yet another feeling of delight and achievement.