It’s been approximately two and a half months since I held this little angel baby girl in my arms. It has surely been a joyful ride since then. She’s not my first though. I already have a son but somehow this time everything felt more special because I was better prepared for what was coming. I knew how to breastfeed and I knew how a C-section would happen and how my stitches would typically heal. So, this time I could focus on my baby. My only regret – I wish I had my very loving mother to see her very first granddaughter: she already had 5 grandsons and was yearning for a granddaughter but she passed away just three days before my daughter was born. L

Sonny learns a new skill

Anyways, my little son, who is now three years and quite a handful, is standing right beside me as he practices his newly learnt skills of doing his shirt buttons and I can’t rationalize my pride in his little achievement. To me, his new skills are as good as his climbing the Mount Everest – every time with each button he does or undoes.

All this while my little baby sleeps on – well she’s a little restless now, I guess she’s gotten hungry.  As I look at her, her little hands and feet create a sense of wonderment in me and I often wonder what good I did to deserve these beautiful children. The fact that my three year old drives me to the brink of insanity several times a day is a whole another story. He is quite a handful and very stubborn like any other two/three year old. He is a late talker and though he has no other developmental delays or personality quirks I constantly worry about whether there is anything wrong with him – earlier I did worry about autism but now my fears in that regard have almost disappeared. I still worry about him a LOT, but at the end of each “thinking session” I manage to convince myself that he’s just a late bloomer and this belief is actively reinforced by the constant progress he’s been making for the past 2 months. He’s started trying to talk which is by the far the most positive thing. Earlier we had to make him talk, now he practices and speaks the words without prompting  – though he still speaks at the level of a typical one year or one and a half year old boy, we are positive because we see continuous progress in his verbal and cognitive skills. He’s mastered several letters in the alphabet and is learning more and more stuff actively. Plus, he has learnt that kisses and hugs will get him out of most troubles he gets himself into, so I get a healthy dose of sweet wet kisses all day long.

My baby daughter has also had her share of small problems like teary eyes, vaccination fevers and two bouts of cold infection but on the whole she’s turned out to be a healthy and peaceful baby. She plays on for most of the day and usually doesn’t give us wakeful nights. Her little hands and eyes and the toothless smile creates wonderment in me every day.

I read that mothers usually care more for the first child when they are born but the excitement kind of fizzles out by the time you have your second. Thankfully – didn’t happen with me. I am finding renewed interest in her activities and am also experiencing lots of stuff that I missed out with my son because my mom just used to take care of everything.

I am grateful to the Lord for all that he’s given to me. What did I do to deserve so much love?