Do you like butter? What about bacon? Cheese? If you're a rational, level-headed human being than you answered "yes" to all of these questions and you should continue reading.

I'm about explain how utilizing a high fat diet will lead to impressive weight loss and all around better health. I'm about to suggest that an apple-a-day may not truly keep the doctor away. I'm about to make you question everything you thought you knew about a healthy diet.

Keto is a high fat (about 60%), medium protein, and very low carb diet. The idea behind it is it to put your body into a state of "ketosis", during which it is burning fat for energy. When you are consuming carbs and sugars your body prefers to burn glucose as its energy source. Furthermore, consuming carbs causes your insulin levels to spike and drop causing energy rises and crashes and damage to your health. When you instead replace those carbs and sugars with healthy fats and proteins your insulin will not spike and your body will want to burn that fat.

So what do people eat on this diet?
Chicken thighs cooked in grass-fed butter topped with cheese and served with a side of broccoli. Bacon (seriously, these people eat a lot of bacon). Nuts. Steak.

What they don't eat.
Legumes. Fruits high in sugar. Vegetables high in carbs. Bread, pasta, rice, processed foods.

The results that people have with this diet are extraordinary. People who have struggled with diets and weight loss their entire life find that they are fuller, healthier, and lighter than they can ever remember. They go to the doctor and find that their blood results show that they are healthier than ever. Some have reported that their diabetes has literally reversed. I read an account today of a person whose schizophrenic symptoms have decreased by 90% since starting the diet. A woman suffering from bi-polar disorder reported that her mood had stabilized and she felt happy for the first time in years.

If you are looking for a lifestyle change that has the potential to make you happier and healthier than ever than this may be your answer. Don't just take my word for it. Do research on your own. Try it out for a while and see how you feel. And have fun trying to explain to your friends that you are healthier and happier than ever because you can now eat bacon every day without guilt.