Regardless of where you work, having some form of caffeine in the workplace is an absolute necessity. This is particularly true if you work at a company that prides itself on conducting long, boring meetings. Although you generally don't have a choice when it comes to attending these meetings, you can help yourself get through them with a good cup of coffee. Some companies supply their employees with free coffee, and while this is generally considering a nice gesture, the quality of this coffee can sometimes be questionable at best. At worst, this rancid swill can leave you feeling ill. Why struggle through such bad coffee when it's possible to brew consistently great tasting coffee with the Keurig B60 pod coffee maker?

In case you're not aware of the greatness of pod coffee makers, these little machines use pre-measured "pods" of coffee to brew one cup at a time. These pods are the secret to the success of this type of machine, as they take the guesswork out of brewing coffee. No longer do you need to worry about how much coffee or water to use, as these machines do it all for you, and they do it well. Because you aren't dealing with loose coffee, clean-up is almost non-existent when using these machines. Plus, with many different flavors to choose from, you can have a different type of coffee with every cup served.

Although there are several versions of pod coffee makers on the market, one of the most highly regarded is the Keurig B60. The reason that this machine has garnered so much praise is simple – it's well made and brews outstanding coffee, and it also allows the user to completely customize their brew. Users can adjust the serving size to fit the size of their mug and they can even adjust the strength of the coffee using intuitive onboard controls. Apart from the convenience that the Keurig provides, the machine also looks great with its modern appearance and blue LED backlit display. The B60 would look great in any kitchen or break room.

If you're looking for one of these machines, the best place to shop is online. You will find the pricing is better on average for the Keurig B60 and the associated coffee pods, called K-cups. The B60 retails for about $140.00 through many online retailers. While this may seem high, the convenience and ease of use that this machine provides is hard to beat.