To earn money writing articles online there are rules.

But basically there is just one key to earn money online for articles writers. Let me say the most common, and widely known features about writing articles first and then I'll tell you the key to earn money online. Who am I to talk about the key to earn money online? Well, even if I'm not the most what-have-you writer I've written around 100 articles in various places and I've got the first Google payout after six months I begun writing online. Not too bad for someone who doesn't write in his own first language. Not to adulate myself, just to let you know that I've learned a couple of rules of the game.

Earn Money Online Basics:

  1. Write good content. Well, this is pretty explanatory and you can find this advice everywhere.
  2. Write about what you like. Earning money online isn't such an easy task so better write about what you really love so at least you can enjoy yourself while you wait for your money to come.
  3. Write about topics which have the chance to be read and earn you money for a long time, the so called evergreen topics. While writing about actual trends is a good way to have a lot of traffic now how many views do you think you'll have on 2012 if you write about the iPad or iPod? They are great today but don't expect long time traffic or earnings from them.
  4. Try to do your best with keywords optimized articles but try to write them as you would like to read them. That is to say let your writing flow naturally.
  5. Try to spread your articles around the net with Rss feeds or Directories but don't overweight them, the greatest part of your traffic comes and will come from search engines. Or, said in another way, when was the last time you checked a Directory to find something? Probably you've never done it right?
  6. Try to make friends where you write. Even if time is a big issue having a friendly community will help you to write better and to spread the word about your articles. Feedback received from friends is priceless.
  7. Always remember that even if your articles are going to be found by a search engine they'll be read by human beings. You write for them and not for a software.
  8. Be patient. To earn money online you need a lot of time. Months before your articles rank well on search engines even if you write great content and have some good backlinks. I usually allow six months for a good article to raise a decent amount of money.
  9. There are many more rules to earn money online but in my opinion these are the most important ones.

The key to earn money online explained.

So, you write well, keyword optimized evergreen articles and have a good community of friends but the traffic to your articles is not that good. You have some but not as you would deserve. What's happening?

The key to have traffic, and to keep it, is to have your articles voted and shared on the net. Having your articles shared by friends on StumbleUpon or Twitter you will probably rank higher for your keywords and this will almost surely mean being in the first page on Google and as a consequence earning a good amount of money from your article. Sounds cool right?

But when was the last time you stumbled the article of another writer? Are you doing your part in spreading the word about good articles around or are you just waiting for someone else to talk about you? Stumbling or tweeting a good article is the best way to create buzz about an article and if you do it for someone else it will probably take to your articles to be stumbled, tweeted and shared too.

Seems stupid? Well, maybe, but sharing other writers' articles is the best way to be seen and having your own articles shared on the net. Just like retweeting a tweet is one of the best way to be followed by very successful twitterers. Let's imagine that your tweet about your last article gets tweeted by someone with 20.000 followers. A lot of traffic and some money too; but this work only if you share articles first.

The key to earn money online is sharing other writers' articles first and in turn having yours voted and shared.

If you vote my articles on StumbleUpon and let me know why shouldn't I do the same for you? Unless I'm one of the most ill-mannered writers around, and I'm not, I'll surely look at your articles (traffic), maybe click on your ads (money) but almost certainly thumbs up your articles too.

Come on, let's the sharing begin!