Bodybuilding for women is not terribly different from male bodybuilding. Yes, females are smaller and cannot bulk up as easily, but they can still become quite toned and muscular. Women actually have a bit of an edge due to the fact that they are usually much more flexible than men.

This allows female bodybuilders to complete many techniques and exercises that the male body builders have trouble with. Starting out, women should not try lifting the super heavy weights than their male counterparts are lifting.

At least not at the beginning. I have seen some women bench pressing over 300 pounds so I know it is very possible to rival even the strongest of men.

Just like with male bodybuilding, you will want to pick a workout routine that works well for your body and of course, your schedule. Looking at your goals is also very important.

Do you just want to get in shape or do you want to get into competitive body building? If you want to work on your entire body. Try working on just your arms and shoulders a few days per week and your legs on a different day.

Working out with weights three days a week seems to be sufficient. A great choice would be to work on your cardiovasular fitness on the fourth day.

This will help you to build up your endurance and strengthen your heart. You could go running, bike riding, play tennis, go swimming, anything that you enjoy.

Just make sure to get your heart rate up. Female bodybuilding is often thought to be something that only masculine women do. However this is not the case.

In fact, weight lifting is the best way to shed unwanted pounds and this is a major reason why many women are hitting them gym to undertake bodybuilding activities. Bench presser, lat pulldowns, squats, leg extensions and calf raises are some of the excellent bodybuilding exercises that can really shape and tone a womanÂ’'s body.

Most women do not want an overly muscular body. The good news is that that is very unlikely to happen with natural bodybuilding as women generally do not build muscle as quick or as much as men.

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