In difficult economic times, the decline in the number of small businesses has continued to escalate over recent months. In a bid to cut costs, many business owners are advised to eliminate the marketing side of their business in order to ensure survival. However, this could not be further from the truth! 

Marketing a business is of paramount importance when it comes to surviving in an increasingly difficult economy. Whilst reigning in the spending is certainly not bad advice, the idea of a business losing its marketing strategy to reduce spending as a whole is simply not justifiable. After all, people will cease to acknowledge the existence of a business if they are not reminded of its existence.

All too often, businesses are led down the wrong path when it comes to making difficult decisions, especially in times of financial strain. Small businesses will often react to situations in light of current circumstances as opposed to looking at the wider picture. Whilst cutting the marketing budget within a business may provide an immediate solution to financial burdens, the long-term ramifications often prove more costly. Therefore, the first principle of  business marketing is to continue with your marketing efforts. At whatever level a small business is able to generate exposure, the business should take all necessary measures to take advantage of that exposure. Maintaining a public image serves as a reminder, not only to existing customers, but to potential new customers.

In order for a small business to survive, marketing should be at the forefront of the business strategy, not a mere after thought. Targeted marketing and advertising campaigns can prove to be hugely beneficial when it comes to business marketing. With a highly focused marketing campaign in place, a small business can sustain itself through a loyal client base and grow by attracting new customers using a formulated strategy.

Sadly, for some small businesses, they are lured into thinking that elaborate marketing campaigns are the way to attract new business. In reality, a onetime marketing splurge often results in financial ruin for many businesses. Whilst they may have a glamorous marketing campaign that looks great, it actually holds no value if the target audience is not convinced. Therefore, the second principle of  business marketing is to compete within your means. The idea of a big marketing campaign is, of course, appealing to any small business owner. However, the truth is, the message usually appears to be bigger than the business itself. This often results in big promises that in theory just cannot be delivered.

Simple cost effective measures such as e-mail  campaigns, leaflet distribution and the construction of a website; offer the opportunity to come up with a bespoke marketing strategy. Target specific e-mails and targeted leaflet distribution alongside a website to guide people back to can provide a customer base that is manageable. Furthermore, these simple  techniques provide a platform on which a one can flourish.

Perhaps the most important element of  marketing therefore, is to take it one step at a time. Hasty reactions to immediate circumstances often result in a bleak future. Taking a step back to focus on the bigger picture can result in a far more composed approach to marketing with a much more favorable outcome when it comes to your business’ survival.