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Y2K is what comes to mind in most North Americans minds when they hear 2012 or Mayan calendar. People are quick to remind us that the planet is still here after every past prediction of it's demise.  These days I am not in the convincing business that something is happening to the planet. Also I am firmly rooted in my belief that on December 22, 2012 I will be working that day hearing the stories about the Mayan calendar and the so called end of time and how so many foolish people were tricked.

I have written in the past as a physician about complex systems in the human body. How through a process called glycolysis we create energy. Additionally my past was filled with prepping for exam after exam. So you might think explaining these turbulent times would be easy. Well you know the next sentence. It's not ! The main reason it is difficult explaining to friends or patients or maybe neighbors that the planet is in trouble is Y2K.  So much money was made frightening people based on simply the change of a day has created a false sense of security. Plus and more important has created skepticism. A healthy dose of "oh your one of those people that think the world will crack in half on december 21, 2012".

Of course the earth will be here December 22 because what the Mayans tried telling us was not that it is the end of time and the destruction of our planet. They tried to tell us we are leaving one age.The end of that age. The Age of Pisces and entering The Age of Aquarius. Which is true.

In order to fully understand the significance of this change first let me surprise you with a fact I'm sure most readers don't know. The 2 people we attribute modern astronomy to were not astronomers. They were astrologists. Galileo and Copernicus studied astrology and both told us the the sun does not revolve around the earth. The earth revolves around the sun.


The Shift.

For all that mock these 2012 doomsday preppers well you might want to stop and think about a few things.

First and foremost is over the last 18 months we have had exponential increases in natural disasters. That the weather is anything but normal. The word that fits the best here is Extreme. Now when it is hot it's extremely hot. When it is cold it's extremely cold. When it rains we lose entire islands in South Pacific. Then you have this increase in seismic activity. The earthquakes last year and this year are something to keep an eye on. Now just two days ago  California had 55 small earthquakes which we have termed EQ Swarms. Italy has imprisoned two seismologists for not predicting a recent EQ.New terms. Putting scientists in prisons. Does this alarm you?

The big question is what's all this mean. A Dutch scientist recently tried to get his work published but explaining global warming seems to be something big brother does not want out there. Prof. Dr. Henrik Svensmark was unsuccessful in publishing his outstanding work and findings. So he had no choice. This information needed to get out there and the only way was to publish a book on it called The Galatic Summer.  The scientist Dr. Svensmark explains and details how our solar system is not just moving around the sun. Its moving around the Milky Way. Right now were entering an area we call Aquarius. So were entering the Age of Aquarius. The unfortunate part is before we get there we have to cross out of one of the spiral arms of Milky Way and while inbetween 2 arms the planet will change. Possible pole shift,wind and water currents and yes the warming. BTW while were on global warming can anyone tell me why all the planets are heating up. Last I heard we're the only one that has cars and burns coal. So maybe theres an article right there that needs to be written. We'll see ,if I find some extra time I'll explain it. Certainly like Dr.Svensmark I doubt I can get my proof published...but I can write about it.

There is to much information to explain on this subject matter and this scientists findings that I have to leave that for a separate article. Though is you would like more information on Dr. Svensmark remarkable findings I suggest you use your favorite search engine and check out all the information you can find on his book: The Galatic Summer. Your other choice is to purchase it through Amazon.

Now with that back ground I can attempt to explain The Shift .  The people who use that term simply mean the earth is going through a change. One that has occurred every 7 to 15 thousand years. You might not believe in Noah and his ark but scientifically we have proof that around the days Noah was building the ark that every christian knows about. Well there was a great flood. One so dramatic it dumped a ship on top of a mountain in Turkey which is about 40 thousand feet above our current sea. level. We know through Graham Hancocks work that prior to that flood was another flood. Dr Hancock is an under water deep sea archeologist. His findings 200 feet under water are well documented and easy to find information about if you choose to look. We run into an unfortunate conflict at this point. Religion.  The last thing I want to do is trample on ones religious beliefs. So for the purpose of this article I will use just the last flood as an example that the planet goes through these shifts pretty much like clock work.

The Shift is simply what Galileo and Copernicus told us. Astrology is as important as astronomy. Changing from one era to another is turbulent. Moving around our galaxy is no different then the change of our seasons. There will be cold months and hot months. In the Milky Way there will be safer areas and dangerous areas.  Like Dr. Svensmarks findings prove. Right now we are not on one of the Milky Ways spiral arms we're in between two. Causing the violent storms and seismic activity that is scaring people into building bunkers 200 feet under ground.

That is The Shift. The earth will survive it like it has survived every other past shift but that doesn't mean that everyone will survive. In fact as the Shift occurs which is right now tens of thousands to millions will die. We already have lost hundreds of thousands lives over the past 18 months. As we get closer to the peak of the Shift many more will die.

Surviving the Shift

The next part of this article will be designed to explain the big picture. Soon more detailed tactics of specific needs that will aid in you and your family having some of the skills and supplies needed to get through the solar system moving through the Milky Way and currently between spiral arms which is the source of all the extremes were facing. Also it is exactly what the Mayans were trying to tell us. The calendar is ending. Which simply means were entering a new age. The Age of Aquarius. If your wondering why I am so confident about what the Mayans meant with the long count calendar ending. Simple, I asked them. Last Saturday I met and spoke with probably 7 or 8 Mayans who are currently touring the United States explaining there calendar. Showing other artifacts that survived Spain attempt to destroy all there heritage and beliefs. Most people don't realize that there are Mayans still alive nevermind accessible to answering questions about this calendar that is frightening people enough to move from there homes into small bunkers.

In my next article I will give you suggestions on how to get through this. For now I need you to take notice to my one picture. The Amish family. You want to survive. Learn how to grow your own food. Stop with the TV watching and spend time with the people important to you or simply get a mind set that all your creature comforts will be gone for a while. Possibly a long while.

Survival is more then 50% mental. So start thinking about people like the Amish. The same people I admitted to laughing at will be the people I go to for help.  The list of goods you need if you think your going to stock up on food and water. Well I'm not saying that's a bad idea but it has to be looked at as a stop gap while your learning how to survive on your own.

None of us can for certain say how bad it will get. There are so many other events to factor into this equation. Like World War 3 starting. Or an EQ that is under a nuclear power plant. For now lets start with learning something that is not as easy as you might think and that is farming.

Before I end this article let me say personally I think it is a wonderful time to be alive. Unfortunately horrifying hardships and famines are happening all over the world. I get that. I also get that we need this. It's an evolution of mankind. It is the end of one era and the start of a new one. How few get to be alive during this. Also and in closing. While these changes have happened over and over in the past. We are the first generation that can survive it. among us are the new leaders. The ones that will show us a better way to live after the dust settles. Yes the thought of knowing my children have to go through this and chances are many of the worlds children won't survive this Shift. That to me is tragic but if ever a change a drastic change was needed in the way we live. The way we treat each other. Well it is right now. Call it what you want. I call it evolving. Sometimes evolution is painful. So start with the basics. Learn how to take care of yourself. Go buy all the books and download everything you can find on farming. Get it on paper. This is not Y2K. Just ask the people in Japan.

No fear mongering here. Like I said. It is a wonderful time to be alive. Now I wanna teach you how to stay alive. Your on your own. Most humans are good people but there will be a period of time where you will be alone. So use this time now before it's to late and the power is out to learn how to survive and start with farming.









































































































The Amish are ready.

Farming and living the Amish way

The Amish will survive.
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