I had heard from people whose opinions I respect that The Keyword Academy (TKA) was worth looking at. I planned to join in the New Year, but could not wait that long, so I signed up a week before Christmas 2010.


This article is written is based on my own experience with this paid program.


I signed up and got immediate access to the Keyword Academy website. I started by reading the instructional materials. I never watch videos online because my bandwidth is too limited, but I had no need to do so.


The KTA program requires you to put work in. This is NOT a get rich quick scheme. As a member at the Keyword Authority website you have access to three awesome tools. Niche Refinery, Streamline and Postrunner. Each of these tools on its own is worth $20 a month. Even during your month's free trial you have full access to all TKA tools.


Niche Refinery


The program requires you to set up blogs and to post 400 word, keyword-rich articles to those blogs. You choose the keywords using the KTA program, Niche Refinery. This tool is awesome. At first I was using this without signing into Adsense, just putting in 100 keyword results for analysis. I now log in to Adsense run a search for my selected niche and download the file as a CSV for Excel file. I save it as an Excel xls file on the desktop.


I then Send it to a Zipped folder and delete the original file, only for the sake of a tidy desktop.


I open Niche Refinery, Start a New Job, Upload the zipped file and wait. Niche Refinery is not instant. It is best to set the searches running overnight, even for 48 hours. Plan ahead and you will always have plenty to do.


Niche Refinery gives me a list of all 800 Adwords keywords, with a Frequency, a Difficulty and Potential scores, and CPC.


If you click on the Difficulty column the possible keywords are arranged in order of increasing difficulty. 800 is the most difficult. Keywords under 50 are easy. Sometimes you will find a keyword that has a lot of searches, a high CPC and Potential Score with a Difficulty score of 18. Those are the keywords to concentrate on first.




This is a project management tool that helps you find long-tail keywords to include in your articles. It also keeps track of the anchor text used in every one of your Postrunner posts, automatically.




This is a very simple to use system that allows you to post 300 word rewrites of your blog posts onto hundreds of members' Wordpress sites. Rewritten articles are fine, spun ones will get you banned for life. Read all the terms and conditions before you start.


Other Benefits


You can put one or more blogs into the Postrunner system, put Adsense on them and earn money from all the posts that TKA members post on your site.


There is a referral system, which pays you for what you would do anyway. You would recommend The Keyword Authority to your grandmother. It is an honest system that rewards hard work.


What Have I Learned?


I have picked up many pieces of wisdom over my years online. The Keyword Academy crystallises all of that information into a coherent body of knowledge. For example I knew about anchor text, but not how important it is to vary it or the desired proportion of specific keyword anchor text.

I knew about linking, but I dislike short quick link sites. With Postrunner I now have an alternative. It takes much less time to do a 300 word Postrunner post than an equivalent 300 word post at PostUrOwn.


What is the Work Involved?


This article cannot explain the Keyword Authority system in a few words very satisfactorily.


The work involved is largely writing 400 word blog posts and 300 word rewrites of those blog posts.


Is It Worth $33 a Month?


I am trying not to give away too many secrets, so it might not seem a lot for $33 a month at first glance. The three programs, Niche Refinery, Streamline and Postrunner are definitely worth the recurring $33 payment. Add to that that you can earn money by telling friends about this site and getting them to sign up, and know that you will be doing them a favour, too.


I have followed the TKA program for one month and already the sites I am promoting with Postrunner are paying me $1 a day between them. I spend four hours a day working on it, but it is already paying for itself. I even have brand new sites that should be sandboxed earning me money.


My next step is to put a redundant blog site into the Postrunner system to accept posts. That will make me more money.


Yes, The Keyword Academy plan is excellent, there is a lot more to it than I have gone into here. Yes, the TKA programs are awesome. Yes, it works.


If you are prepared to work at it this $33 a month will be the best investment you could ever make.




You will quickly become dependent on Streamline to manage the anchor text of your backlinks. I use it for InfoBarrel articles, TKA niche sites, even for my local community site for Glanmire, County Cork.


The Keyword Academy vs Market Samurai


I bought Market Samurai three months before subscribing to TKA, so I can compare the two. Even though they are different products there are some commonalities which stand comparison.


Market Samurai relies on videos to teach users. That might work if you have a fast broadband connection, but not on a satellite connection like mine with only 133MB a day bandwidth.


I used Market Samurai to find some keywords and had more success with those keywords than I had had using free tools. The problem with this program is the bandwidth it uses. Every time I used it to research three keywords and their competition I ran out of bandwidth for the rest of the day. That is not a lot of use when I need to be online all day long.


With Market Samurai I was guesssing keywords, then subjecting them to analysis. With the Keyword Academy I upload all 800-2400 Adwords results and the TKA keyword program Niche Refinery analyses them ALL and tells me which ones are easy to compete on. Analysing 2500 words in Market Samurai, even with unlimited bandwidth is not feasible.


The keyword aspect of the Keyword Academy is only one quarter of the picture though. There are the other two programs, Streamline and Postrunner. The biggest part of this paid program is the guidance you are given to use every piece of software to boost your income. This is a learning program, not just a tool.


I wish I could sell Market Samurai, honestly. I will look into the possibility of changing the registered email address and see if it would be possible. At the very least you should try the two one month free trials. Try the Market Samurai one first, there is nothing to cancel there, it just stops working. When you run out of Market Samurai free trial, sign up for The Keyword Academy free trial. I wish I had done this.