Financial freedom is one of the most valuable things in life. For me personally it allowed to do what I always desired: Travel the United States, go out all the time and eat steak in the most expensive restaurants.  Many people think you have to work your butt off to achieve this, and this is true to some extent, but it is not as hard as it seems.  The easiest way to gain financial freedom must be search engine optimization.  By having a website in the first page of Google, you will earn passive income. This means you do not have to work anymore, but people will find your website by themselves. You can then sell a product on the website or refer to other products by affiliate marketing. Finally you can place ads on your website to make money.


The search engine optimization industry is rather confusing. Everyone has its own methods and there are a lot of companies that sell EBooks about how to make money online. The truth is that you will need none of those books. They only promise fast riches, without effort. This is false, income made on the internet is indeed more passive in nature, but you still have to put in the hours. The only service that truly teaches their students to make money online is The Keyword Academy.

The Keyword Academy

The Keyword Academy is a service that teaches you how to find profitable keywords and how to make an online business. Furthermore it provides you with some essential tools that every internet marketer should possess. In this way it is easier than ever to make a profitable online business. The only disadvantage is that you have to pay a monthly fee, but this is more than worth it. Personally, I have made more than 8 times the monthly fee, already in the third month.

Niche Refinery

Niche Refinery is a great tool that comes along with a subscription to The Keyword Academy. This tool allows you to analyze your found keywords. You can immediately see how strong the competition is, how much traffic you can expect and how much money you could potentially make. This tool has saved me hours of hard work.

Post Runner

Another valuable tool is Post Runner. This one allows you to post your articles necessary for creating backlinks to websites that are already somewhat established. Your backlinks will be stronger because of this than if you would use social media or article directories.


The making money online industry is a very confusing one. Don’t spend time on all the useless EBooks out there and be sure to subscribe to The Keyword Academy. This is the only service that truly supports their students and learns them the skills needed for building a successful online business.