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I was quite surprised at how funny some parts of this film were, when it was to be focused on what was obviously quite a serious issue for King George VI, but at one point I actually had tears of laughter rolling down my cheeks! I won't give too much away, but the scene involves the King partaking in a session with his speech therapist, who employs a rather amusing technique to help the King vent his frustrations. Helena Bonham-Carter was also excellent as Queen Elizabeth, and she portrayed a very kind, loving and supportive wife.


As I have mentioned, the film was very well acted, but I'm not entirely sure the etiquette/royal protocol was looked into enough. For example, Winston Churchill (Timothy Spall) was seen in one scene smoking a cigar near the King, which would not have been allowed! I also found it a bit odd how the speech therapist kept refering to the King by his first name!

Full Review

I had a choice to make between two movies yesterday on a day out with my younger sister- Little Fockers and The King's Speech. I hadn't seen either up to that point, but eventually decided on the latter and am so glad I did- what a well acted informative film that was by turns funny, sad and stirring. Colin Firth plays the part of Albert (Bertie to his family) who was later to become King George VI after his brother Edward VIII was forced to abdicate due to a then scandalous relationship with the twice divorced Wallis Simpson of Baltimore USA. The film focuses on the King's lifelong stammer, how he fought with his nerves and confidence issues when speaking publically and how he was helped by his speech therapist- Austrailian Lionel Logue- played by Geoffery Rush.

In Closing

I would recommend this movie to anyone, not just if you happen to be interested in history! I really enjoyed it, felt a mixture of emotions throughout and learnt things that I'd not known before! On that note, think I'm off to buy another ticket ;) .........