As many cooks, both professional and the home tinkerer, can tell you, having a blender around will make so many things faster and easier that, once you've owned one, you'll never want to go without one again. And if you have already owned a blender, you can also appreciate how aggravating a low-quality blender is. Low-quality blenders have jars made of plastic that discolor and break. They don't have enough power. They're hard to clean. The list of complaints goes on, and it's low-quality blenders that put many people off of owning a blender at all. But you'll learn to love your blender again once you've tried a KitchenAid blender.

With a KitchenAid blender, you get a metal base and a heavy duty glass jar. KitchenAids are as solid as blenders come. Every piece has been crafted for durability and power. With high-power motors and unique blade designs, you get the smoothest, most even blending from a machine that can also handle ice crushing like a breeze. Touch control pads have smart symbols to make the kitchenaid blender easy to use. KitchenAid blenders also have electronic mixing sensors which automatically adjust the power, making all your blending needs easier than you can even imagine.

The sturdy motor that you get with every KitchenAid blender will have the power to crush ice at any speed. These blenders are designed to be compact as well as fashionable, so they won't take up too much of your counter space. The blades aren't sharp enough to be exceedingly dangerous, making clean-up easier and safer, but they are still sharp enough to blend easily, and the power of the motor also reduces the need for dangerously sharp blades. KitchenAid uses stainless steel for their blades, so they won't corrode. The sturdy glass jars have textured lids for a super strong seal. Also, the glass jars won't get scratched or get discolored like many other blender jars. This also makes them completely safe for your dishwasher.

KitchenAid offers an entire collection of blenders that offer style and utility, and simply look great in your kitchen. They are available in an amazing range of colors, so no matter how you want to decorate your kitchen, you can find a blender that will look like it was made to go with your own personal kitchen design. KitchenAid makes a wide range of products, so you can even coordinate your appliances for that really sleek, intentional look. KitchenAid products have the smooth, polished lines of a designer sports car, and look as professional as they perform. These blenders will work hard and they're built to last. They're designed for ease of use as well as easy clean-up, and are intuitively simple to set up. Every KitchenAid is a good investment, as a solidly constructed, highly useful, and elegant kitchen tool.

You'll love the time you save by owning a blender. Blenders open up a whole range of cooking options that are difficult or even impossible to do by hand. Soups, smoothies, cocktails, homemade baby foods and more are a breeze with a KitchenAid blender.