A Unique Running Challenge

The Klondike Road Relay offers a unique opportunity for teamwork and personal challeKlondike Road Relaynge.

The relay starts in Skagway, Alaska and ends in Whitehorse, Yukon.  Teams start in Alaska in the evening and finish in Whitehorse the next day, passing through a small segment of  British Columbia along the way.

The 110 mile course is run on pavement and broken into ten stages. The scenery is spectacular, from the historic gold rush town of Skagway, to breathtaking Emerald Lake and Miles Canyon, all in the backdrop of Yukon fall colors.

Many teams rent a motor home and drive to Skagway for the start of the race and follow their runner along each stage to offer support.

If you are running or supporting runners in the early stages you will have to clear customs.

The  Klondike Road Relay has a core of dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers who create themes along checkpoints. Results are posted at the finish line and runners can put their tired legs to a final test with an evening awards ceremony and dance following the race.

It's on my list of the top ten things to do in the Yukon.

Leg One

Leg one starts in Skagway Alaska. Teams have a staggered start throughout the evening.  Athletes run throughSkagway, Alaska(91352) Skagway's main street, Broadway and then begin the steep ascent into the White Pass up to U.S. customs.

Leg is 8.8 miles or 14 kilometers.

Leg Two

Leg twWhite passo is the shortest leg of the relay but it is straight up and a real test of the leg muscles. Runners cross the Moore Creek suspension bridge and continue to climb to the White Pass summit.

Leg two is 5.6 miles or 9 kilometers.

Leg Three

Leg three is often called the "princess leg".  It is relatively short with no steep hills and is an ideal leg for a new runCanada Customsner.

Vehicles supporting leg three runners must stop at Canada Customs for routine screening.

Leg three is 7.8 miles or 12.5 kilometers.

Leg Four

Leg four involves some curves and rolling hills. Runners will cross the White Pass and Yukon Route train tracTutshi Lakeks.

The leg ends at the Tutshi Lake checkpoint.

Leg four is 13.1 miles or 21 kilometers.

Leg Five

Leg fiYukon BC borderve hugs the shoreline of Tutshi Lake. It is the second longest leg and has a long steep hill about 9 miles into the run.

Leg five is 13.9 miles or 22.2 kilometers,

Leg Six

Leg six is the longest leg in the relay.  Leg six starts with a steep climb and continues over rolling hills for the reCarcrossst of the course.

The leg ends in Carcross, Yukon. For many runners this leg is the beginning of dawn.

Leg six is 16 miles or 25.6 kilometers.

Leg Seven

Leg seven takes the runner past the Carcross dessert, Spirit Lake and the Emerald Lake viewpoint.

There are nEmerald Lakeo steep climbs, just a series of rolling hills.

Leg seven is 8.8 miles or 14 kilometers.

Leg Eight

Leg eight is another series of gentle rolling hills mixed with some flat sections.

Runners wilKlondike Highwayl have to cross the road coming into the checkpoint.

Leg eight is 12.4 miles or 19.8 kilometers.

Leg Nine

Leg nine conKlondike Road Relay(91363)tinues up the south Klondike Highway with conditions similar to leg eight.

The course ends at the Carcross Corner checkpoint where the Klondike Highway meets the Alaska Highway.

Leg nine is 11 miles or 17.6 kilometers.

Leg Ten

Leg ten follows thNear the Finish Linee Alaska Highway to the Miles Canyon Road where runners will turn off. Volunteers will be on hand to direct the runners.

No support vehicles are permitted after the runner leaves the Alaska Highway.

There is a steep hill in the Miles Canyon section followed by a gradual decline down to the Yukon river and on the the finish line in Whitehorse.

Leg ten is 12.1 miles or 19.3 kilometers.

The Klondike Road Relay

The Klondike Road relay will take place September 7-8 in 2012.

The entry fee per team is $700 but teams can save $50 by registering early.Skagway, Alaska(91368)

Teams must submit a race plan. This helps organizers to determine the start time in Skagway.

Team captains and drivers must attend a pre-race meeting. This is where you will pick up your packages including team bibs.

A photographer will be on hand at the finish line to take team pictures. You will be able to purchase copies of the photos.

Runners must wear the bibs assigned to them. The bibs must be visible.

Organizers will try to match runners who don't have a team with teams who are short runners.

Runners will run on the right hand side of the road till the Carcross checkpoint when they will switch to the left hand side of the road.

The categories are Open, Women, Mixed, Junior, Masters Open, Masters Women, Corporate, Walkers, Ultra, and Youth.

The Klondike Road Relay is competitive, but it is also a lot of fun!