The Knowing - Film Reveiw


Very good CGI and sound. Also some really good graphic scences that put you into a disaster situation.


Film was ruined for me by the whole God is an alien thing along with angels. So the ending was poor for me.

Full Review

I will try and keep this review away from any main spoilers as to avoid server dissapointment.

2008-2009 seems to the the years of great films being made with several more to come.
However "The Knowing" was a film that I had not previously known about. I went to see it with a friend of mine who didn't know much about it either so my expectations were nutral.
The begining of the film seemed alright with a good solid start to the film that kept you guessing and wanting to know why things were happening. Then with a strange begining to the film we jump forward 50 years to when a time capsual is pulled out of the ground. We soon find out that one of the letters in this time capsual is ment directly for someone for a perpose and the sender of the letter could tell who would get this letter and what would happen.
Anyway skipping several parts of the film where we find out that Nicolas Cage is a astro-physisist and wants whats best for his kid. Then he works out that this letter which seems like some kind of code is actually a list of dates, events, death tolls and locations. He matches every one of these to things that have happend in history over the last 50 years accept 3 other events have not occred yet. The last one ending with EE and no location as such. What isn't clear in the film is that EE stands for Everyone Else. Then the kid starts to hear and see strange voices and people giving out rocks. Then comes the first of the events for me it was one of the most graphic and well depicted plane crashes I have seen in a film. It captured how helpless people are in that situation and the sheer horror of it all. Then again there is some more family related values and strange freakyness from the "whisper people" and they seem to show the kid some kind of apocalypse. Then Cage meets the daugther of the girl that made the code. Shes slightlyless freaky and less druged up also she has a daughter, take note the whole everything happens for a reason thing.
Then the second event happens. Agian this was a brilliently graphic part with great CGI and sound. There was a tense build up to it and then it comes at you enexpectaly. But miraclusly or for some reason Cage survives this event too.
Then unfortunatly things start to slip a little out of kilter for this film. I feel that the whole kind of end of the world was kinda lame but it did give one last look a brillient CGI. But they must of run out of ideas by the end because they felt the need to shove a few angelic like aliens into the mix. Then Cage leaves his son to be taken to a new world where they can re-populate a new planet along with the other child. Cage then goes to his family and it is all very emotional right up to the point of them all getting vaporised very quickly along with the rest of the world.
However if your into that kind of film I would advise that you should go and see it as it has some great effects and the polt is alright at the begining and middle but the end kinda ruined it for me. Although it did pose the question for me what would I do if the world was going to end???

In Closing

It is one of those films that are just chewing gum for the mind kinda thing. Gets your heart beating at a few points and touches it at others. If you were thinking about going to see it but couldn't make up your mind I think you should see it because its a film you would probably only watch once.