The Korg Monotron


Analog synths first came out decades ago. After all this time I really couldn't imagine how anyone might have come out with something innovative. Korg have changed the rules with their newest synthesizer, the Monotron. Several of the most renowned synthesizers of all time like the M1 and the Wavestation have shared the Korg brand. Unexpectedly, the Monotron is a completely fresh concept in synthesizers. Let's study why by looking at 5 things I enjoy about the

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Wonderful Analog Tones

First and foremost, the Monotron uses the same analog filter design as their MS-20, widely recognized as one of the classic analog synths ever built. The similarity of tone between these two synths is impressive, especially when you view the differences in price. Simply put, with the Monotron, you find the tone of a genuine analog synth, yet you can carry it in your hand.

It's Small And Portable

Selling point number two, there has never been an analog synth that was this easily carried. It runs on two AAA batteries and has a built-in speaker. That's it. That's all you need to get sound happening on the Monotron. It also includes a 1/8" headphone jack so that you can jam without disturbing anyone. Running the stereo output of the Monotron into separate devices opens up worlds of sonic opportunities.

The Ribbon Controller Lets You Get In Between The Notes

If you've never experienced a true ribbon controller before you're in for a treat. The ribbon controller helps you hit upon the "notes within the notes", immediately separating it from most other synthesizers. The extraordinary effects you can generate with the ribbon are nothing short of astonishing.

Can You Say Outboard Effects Processor?

I love this more than anything else about the Monotron. Glance at the back and you'll notice a connection labeled Aux Input. You can feed anything you like through the filter section of the Monotron by patching it into this input. Bam, immediate old-school analog filtering.

Try running stuff like drum loops and vocals through this thing. All of a sudden, your sounds have a totally original character. A word of caution though, this one characteristic is exceedingly addictive. I guarantee the Monotron is going to result in more than one divorce due to extravagant loop processing.

It Costs Less Than $70

That's what I said, less than $70. You should have no difficulty finding them because just about every online music retailer is keeping them in inventory. So now, just about anyone can afford a huge-sounding analog synth. You're going to want to pick up the Korg Monotron as soon as you can.