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LG is a leading brand in the flat screen television market. Based in South Korea, they've been able to claim the second spot on a list of largest producers of flat panel TVs. They're also a bestselling brand on Amazon and continue to wow customers with awesome features and dependable products with each new release. The item mentioned in this article is the LG 42LK520. This is a 42 inch flat screen LCD TV providing full HD 1080p screen resolution and their TruMotion 120Hz technology that keeps the action on the screen moving. They're TVs generally receive positive ratings on Amazon and they often lure customers away from other brands with affordable pricing.

lg 42lk520Credit: amazon

Save money

Along with pricing, being able to save on energy costs gives the LG 42LK520 a leading edge on competitors. This TV is EnergyStar qualified meaning you'll save more money on energy bills in the long run than a TV without this feature. Another cool feature is the Intelligent Sensor which detects how much lighting your screen needs at any given time. You get a healthy 150,000:1 contrast ratio for brighter whites and deeper blacks. But if you wanted a less expensive TV, the LG 42LK450 is one step down on technical features though will still perform well-enough so that it wouldn't be a big deal. Dock about fifty thousand on contrast ratio and cut the TruMotion 120Hz in half and you still have a pretty decent TV. Besides, unless you watch nothing but fast-paced action movies the 60Hz really isn't that bad.


To avoid calling in for professional help when it comes to calibrating your TV, the Picture Wizard II feature on the LG 42LK520 guides you in calibrating your TV to the best possible standards in any given room. You'll be able to get vibrant color and ideal picture settings without paying 200 bucks for a Geek Squad home visit. So whether you enjoy playing video games, watching action movies or viewing sports, this TV is well suited to giving you an awesome picture. The LG 42LK520 has the Clear Voice II feature also which gives you superior sound than its competitors. And it runs on the patented XD engine adding to the already excellent picture you see. You can watch TV movies that look as good in theaters as they do in your living room. It'll also improve the color by adjusting saturation and brightness to give your image truest color.

Other stuff

The TV comes with a stand, but can be removed if opting to wall mount it. The LG 42LK520 isn't that heavy at about 34 pounds, but it wouldn't hurt to have a friend help you. Three HDMI ports allow you to hook up other devices and the speakers are said to produce great sound. And being able to control all your HDMI devices with one remote is an added benefit. Thanks to the SIMPLINK feature, you won't need to go through the hassle of making sure every component hooked up to your TV is on the right input. It all works automatically.

In conclusion

Overall this TV receives positive ratings on Amazon as is the case with most LG TVs. If you want to dock about a hundred off the price you can always grab the LG 42LK450 which still provides good entertainment value. If you don't like being stationary and are always on the go, check out a few LG portable DVD players that'll help get your entertainment on the road.