When it comes to buying a hanging chair, many people assume there is only one type, which resembles a sort of makeshift device of netting that may be seen on a tropical island. However, there are plenty of options in this type of seat, including those that use netting. 

Hanging Chair Types

Suspended seats can basically be divided into two categories. There are those that come with their own base to suspend the seat. There are also those that come with cables and rope, which are mounted to a wood frame or tree. Among those two categories are seats made of woven material, such as rattan, wicker or cotton netting and those with tighter fabric, such as nylon or canvas. Those that come with their own stand commonly are made of a woven material, whether in natural rattan materials or a synthetic wicker version.

Hanging ChairCredit: Rex RoofCredit: Rex Roof

Practical Uses and Features

Though the most common hanging chair is designed for outdoor enjoyment, some may be more suited to longer rest periods. The hanging air chair is designed with a canvas type material often used on a portable hammock. It includes a wooden frame and arm rests, as well as a padded and wooden foot rest. The island castaway model is made of cotton rope and includes a cable system similar to that of the air chair. The difference is that the island model cradles the body and offers less support for arms and feet, though it still may be perfectly comfortable for many people. The urban balance seat that comes with its own stand has the added benefit of being easy to set up and take down, where the other models require more effort to set them up properly.

Purchasing and Pricing

Many models of the outdoor seats can be found in popular retail stores. There are many online stores and sites to purchase a variety of models. Whether purchasing from an online store or a traditional store, a buyer is likely to be faced with many choices. Hanging chairs that come with their own bases tend to cost more than the others. Those made with synthetic wicker materials can cost as little as $80, while models with natural materials can be priced well over $1,000. The air chair and the cotton varieties usually start at around $50, which makes them very budget friendly seats. Whether a consumer plans on using the seat frequently or simply want a place to relax occasionally, there is a suitable model available to meet every need.