It never seemed fair to me that women have to make far more effort than men to look good in the office. Men only need two suits (for when one is in the dry cleaners), half a dozen shirts, and an assortment of ties to look neat and tidy all the time - and before you say it, I know we don't all manage that! Women on the other hand need a full wardrobe full of clothes if they're not to appear like they wear the same thing all the time - it's unfair I know.

Until recently, technology has been very much geared towards men, the laptop for instance was available in black or gray and the bags to carry them around in were similarly monochrome. Now however fashion houses are starting to realize that many women own laptops and that they won't put up with dull boring color schemes any longer - my wife has a pink laptop for heavens sake!

Women in business need to lug their laptops around just like men, but that doesn't mean they will accept the functional black cases that have been around for years. Some of the more innovative fashion houses have started to introduce fashionable laptop bags and laptop accessories to make the business world more colorful.

Designers such as Louis Vuitton, Milano, and Mobile Edge all now have modern bags specifically designed to carry your laptop and all your business necessities. The thing that each of these bags have in common is they are all very feminine, compliment any outfit, and are adaptations of classical designs. Leather is the preferred fabric for the designers to use, but if that's not your thing, you will be equally pleased with the suede carriers available.

It's not just the laptop carriers that have been given a makeover either; laptops themselves are being given the couture treatment as well. Many leading designers are teaming up with the hardware companies to produce laptops in a variety of different colors and textures. Design is very much alive and kicking in the world of technology.

VT DesignAt last years New York Fashion Week, laptop manufacturer Packard Bell launched a special edition machine in conjunction with Vivienne Tam. Fashion week is not really where you would expect to see the launch of a new laptop, but it demonstrates just how seriously companies are taking this new market.

If 'off the shelf' is not your thing, how about personalizing your own laptop? Increasing number of companies will now provide you with a skin for your laptop that will make it totally unique. These skins can be personalized with anything from a photograph of a loved one or a design you came up with yourself - there really is no more excuse for that utilitarian look.