Larrivee D-09

Larrivee Acoustic Guitars

Now Larrivee guitars aren't truly new.  Jean Larrivee has been making fine guitars in Canada since 1971, and hopefully, he'll be making them for a long time to come, and when he's no longer able, hopefully someone will take up the mantle, and carry the tradition onwards into the future under his name, and having learned all he had to teach.  Larrivee acoustic guitars are very fine instruments, and they are ever the more becoming competitive with the likes of Taylor, Martin, Gibson, and other fine North American manufacturers of terrific steel string acoustic instruments.

Since the early 1900's and just before the second world war, dreadnought sized instruments of all solid wood have been the rage throughout the Northern American hemisphere, and also large portions of the industrialized world.  These instruments are terrific for making a plethora of musical forms, require no amplification, and another fine one of the ilk is the Larrivee D-09.  The D-90 by Larrivee is an all solid wood dreadnought of solid rosewood back and sides, and a solid spruce top.  It is another of so very many variations and fine replications of a Martin D-28 style.

The Larrivee D-09 With Hard Shell Case


The D-09 Vs The D-28

Comparing the D-09 to a Martin HD-28 is a no brainer[1].  The D-28 has many fine imitations, and Larrivee is hardly the only maker to have a take on it.  Some persons feel the Larrivee D-60 is more akin to the D-28 than the D-09, and nobody is contesting that anyone can take more than one take on the venerable D-28.  One of the privileges Martin has for having been the originator of the template, and being such a long running premium guitar manufacturer is that Martin guitars tend to hold their resale value higher.  This is really something one can look at two ways, as the Larrivee instrument selling for less on the used market nets someone an equal guitar at a lower price, and that's not something to sneeze at.

Outside of the maker and the clear pickguard, and other minor visual appeal sorts of things with binding and rosette, the major difference between the Martin and the Larrivee is found internally, and is regarding the bracing.  Martin's high X bracing pattern is well known and documented, but the Larrivee uses a symmetrical bracing, rather than an asymmetrical one.  What's the REAL difference?  Well, that's up to you, the player.  You would absolutely need to play each instrument to know exactly which you preferred.  Some believe the Martin lends itself more to flatpicking, and who can dispute the D-28 is the guitar of choice for huge numbers of flatpickers?  The thing about playing the steel string guitar with a pick is, some people have a much lighter approach to it than others do, and really it's in the setting of a bluegrass band where one needs use a very heavy pick.  So again, try both guitars before you purchase one, unless, of course, you already know a lot about such things, and suffer a love at first sight situation  Do be advised, a quick look at the instrument on the web reveals that despite the two photos I've provided, each a different individual instrument, some D-09's do have a colored pick guard.

Very Nice Front and Back Picture of a Larrivee D-09

Front and Back


  • The Larrivee D-09 is all solid wood construction, it's an extremely fine guitar for professionals or serious amateurs
  • The D-09's sound board or top is of Canadian sitka spruce.  Larrivee guitars are made in Canada, so they purchase from Canadian sources.  Sitka spruce is also found in Alaska
  • The back and sides of this instrument are of select East Indian Rosewood
  • The fingerboard or fretboard and bridge are of African ebony.
  • The body binding for the guitar is of Canadian maple.  This is a step up from the D-28's non-wood binding
  • Neck joint is hand fit, and traditional dove tail.
  • The rosette is a beautiful design done in abalone.
  • Chrome tuning machines 18:1 ratio
  • Ivoroid fretboard binding
  • The nut and saddle are both of bone for optimized performance.  The saddle is compensated
  • The guitar comes with a limited lifetime warranty and a deluxe hard shell case.

A Very Nice Demonstration Of A Larrivee D-09, This Particular One, Left Handed