Performance was one of the first things that was upgraded. Many remote control software programs suffered from slow response time between the host users and the end user. Being that you can control a computer from a remote location, as one would do this there would be a multiple second delay from what the host would do on their computer and what the end user would get in response on theirs. This was one of the first improvements with this type of software. Now what is done on the host computer happens instantly on the end users computer.

Security is the next element that has been upgraded. Once again in the past, it was not that security was bad, just not as secure as it could be. Massive updates in security protocols and using less common ports has aided with the past security issues often found in remote control software. While no program of this sort can ever be perfectly safe, the improvements that have been made have drastically changed the use and safety of the programs. Running one of these programs with a firewall and a virus program makes them near perfect when it comes to safety.

Multiple connections are an added change as well. Previously, only one host could work with one end user; today one host can control and use multiple end user computers at once. This has opened the door for larger training classes for companies and now education providers offering classes online to excel. With the ability to add multiple monitors for the host computer, they can easily assign an individual monitor to each end user or if they wish use while able to view multiple monitors at once.

Prices have dropped drastically as well with these programs. These programs were once priced at a corporate level, now the technology can be found at a fraction of those types of prices. Many of these programs can be found now either completely free or with low fees for licensing use. Like most programs it is still true that you tend to pay for quality, so price should not be an issue when thinking about purchasing quality remote control software.