From the early flip phone all the way to the latest smart phones

I'm Empowered by the Latest Technology in Mobile Phones!

There have been so many amazing technological advances in the last two decades; it’s difficult to say which one has done the most to make me feel empowered.  Mobile phone technology has been the one that has made me feel most in control of my life.  Knowing that at any given time I need to reach out to my friends or the world; the latest mobile technology is literally at my finger tips.

The Latest Mobile Phone Technology

Remember When The Flip Phone Was The Latest Technology in Mobile Phones?

The first mobile phone I ever owned was a basic Samsung flip phone. This phone was capable of receiving and dialing out to communicate with others; no other real features existed. I was so delighted that I contacted several of my friends and associates to let them know that I was now joining the rest of the civilized world. The ability to call anyone, anytime and vice versa initially sounded like a great idea. But sometimes the very thing that empowers you is the same thing that can annoy you. Anyone that had my mobile phone number could call me no matter my location or what I was doing and that bothered me. Well, the one little additional feature that made me minor annoyance a bit more predictable was something known as caller ID.

Remember When Caller ID Was The Latest Technology in Mobile Phones?

The Caller ID feature was a bit of mobile phone technology that allowed me to see who was contacting me. This empowered me to make the decision as to whether or not to answer the phone. This went a long way towards ensuring that I only interacted with people that I wanted to talk to. Talk about feeling like you are in total control of your life; that one little feature went along way in supplying me with that feeling.

That mobile phone remained a part of my life for a couple of years before I moved on to a even cooler mobile phone technology. My next phone allowed me to try something new, texting. Sending messages to my friends in lieu of conversation was very convenient. All of a sudden my communications became a few words and expressions coming across the mobile phone like a small computer monitor. This brought online chat off the big screen and onto the small screen of my mobile phone.

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Remember When Texting ID Was The Latest Technology in Mobile Phones?

Now texting being the great feature that it is caused a few problems along the way. When you are sending words and expressions without sound or facial features; people are left to interpret your words. This can cause quite a bit of confusion and anyone that has ever had a friend or family member totally misunderstand a text message knows exactly what I’m talking about. I overcame this little problem by sending a text first and if the return response seemed questionable, I followed up with a call. Once again I was empowered by this latest mobile phone technology. When people send me a text, they understand that I may not be able to immediately send one back. This is the best part of texting; it can be done at your leisure.

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And Now The Smart Phone is The Latest Technology in Mobile Phones

As mobile phone technology has evolved; along came the smart phone. The Apple iPhone and other similar devices have revolutionized the mobile phone industry. The power to organize my daily tasks, monthly goals, spending plan, and bill payments via my phone has given me opportunities to have my entire social, professional, and financial life in the palm of my hand. Apps, which are sometimes available for free, are one of the best features of smart mobile phones in my humble opinion. When I want to play a game to relax my mind for a moment there is everyone’s favorite “Angry Birds” or another favorite “Fruit Slices.” If I want to exercise a body part, but cannot figure out which exercises to do, there is an App for that as well. Everyday someone comes up with an application to help make my life easier. Many of these applications have challenged me; while others have aroused my curiosity. Either way I have found myself constantly learning something new via the available apps on my phone.

How Will Future Cell Phones Change Our Lives?

The mobile phone’s existence has changed my perspective on technology. I feel excited by all the features that allow me to plan and enjoy my life no matter where I am or what I am doing. From my first mobile phone to the latest technology in mobile phones, the smart phone; this piece of technology has never disappointed me. As each new upgraded mobile phone has come into my possession, my knowledge base has broadened exponentially. I am a more responsible, reliable, and organized person in all aspects of my life because of my cell phone.

For me, that’s true empowerment!