Credit: www.pinkprincess.com

The latest wedding color trends for flower girls reflect the basic colors popular for this year’s brides to be. While celebrity and royal weddings may set strong trends in wedding fashion, flower girl dresses are often the one feature where more liberties can be taken and creativity is welcome.


Making Pastels Pop

Citrus based pastel shades are becoming more popular for weddings, and flower girls dresses can be used to emphasize the color chosen by presenting a stronger version. If the bridesmaids are wearing soft yellow chiffon, a richer lemon yellow satin can provide a visually pleasing alternative to a matching dress for the flower girl.

For a soft grapefruit color scheme, a deeper rose for the flower girl can make a spectacular showpiece as she scatters matching petals down the aisle. Muted tangerine can be given a little more emphasis with flower girl tutus in bright orange - the bold color can be softened by the frilly edges of the skirt.


Bold is Back

The red wedding dress is slowly gaining popularity, thanks to Eastern tradition that hold the color in high regard for good luck. If the bride is dressed in solid red, bridesmaids and flower girls alike may be flatteringly attired in simple white dresses with a red sash or trim. Girls’ dress shoes in a matching shade of red and bouquets of white and red roses make this color scheme a hit.

Champagne and black weddings are also back in vogue, creating elegant vintage style ceremonies. Flower girls can provide a relief from the two tone setting but stay true to the elegance of the theme with deep midnight blue, rich plum, forest green or vibrant rose colored dresses.


Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Weddings in French blue are elegant and inspired. They include towering wedding cakes covered in soft blue fondant icing and accented with pearls and ribbons; a bridal gown of cream and blue; bridesmaids dresses in matching shades with bouquets of blue hydrangeas - and of course the flower girl.

An elegant draped dress in French blue silk is perfect for this kind of wedding. Add matching girls’ dress shoes and a dainty basket of flower petals, and the effect is complete. Alternately, choose a simple white or cream dress with matching slippers, and add a wide blue sash and hair ribbon for a younger flower girl.


Shimmering Silver

If you’re not as interested in a power color or an especially bright one, silver and grey dresses are becoming increasingly popular for weddings. Nothing captures a combination of purity and beauty better than silver and grey, which has contributed to its recent popularity.

For the kind of wedding where those are going to be the dominant colors, dressing your flower girls to match is very important. Rather than a yellow or blue, your flower girls should be decked out in grey, silver, or white to keep the cohesion of the color palette.


Choose Your Fantasy

Flower girl dresses can be ephemeral, whimsical, or just plain adorable. A soft tulle dress with fairy wings is perfect for a younger girl serving as the flower girl in a casual garden wedding. Color matched ballerina outfits with frilly girls’ tutus and dainty ribboned slippers can be perfect if the flower girls have a little dance talent - a choreographed twirl down the aisle to scatter flowers could be a welcome addition to the ceremony.

A satin princess ball gown in the wedding colors can create a royal feel for any ceremony, and the dress could serve as a costume piece or for another special occasion later. For a large white wedding with lots of little girl relatives each begging for a part to play, a rainbow could be created with each flower girl selecting her own signature color for their sash, shoes and hair ribbons. Regardless of the color chosen, flower girl dresses should always complement the wedding party and be fun for those wearing them