Law with balance

The Law of Attraction is what is consider to bring success, abundance, sometimes fortune, plenty, comfort, enjoyment, contentment and pleasures to mention a few.

It can be quite simple to attract good things but we must first:

  • be compassionate
  • be generous
  • be patient
  • be kind
  • conscious of all humanity
  • free of criticism
  • free of greed
  • free of deceit
  • filled with integrity
  • believe in charity
  • be conservative
  • use wisdom
  • forgive
  • have faith
  • be thankful
  • and put first things first

The list could go on and I am sure you could add something to it and please do.

If you are like me you have often read about and wanted to practice The Law of Attraction and its many blessing. It is amazing for anyone who can live in a world where they have sufficient ability to let their mind be so focused. It is said that you are to focus on the reality, before it even happens. You make your dreams come true by dwelling on the facts of the positive, not the negative. Instead of thinking "loss" you think "gain". Instead of sitting around wondering if you got the job; you affirm in your mind that you have it already. You know you are going to get the better job with a larger salary because you have applied your abilities and studied to make it happen. Do I believe it can come just because you want it so bad and think about it all the time….No…I, myself do not believe it this way. I believe if we make anything happen we have to do something besides just will it to ourselves…we must work toward that goal and if we work toward the goal and The Law of Attraction will be a part of our win. We must have character that shines to become that person who qualifies for that big promotion.

It seems that in The Law of Attraction, we can will ourselves to be almost anything we choose and will ourselves to prosperity by attracting the positive of these things to us and I agree with this up to a certain point. Let me explain why I see it this way. I can dream of being the highest paid professional in my company but if I do not have the credentials and the education, I am dreaming foolishly. We must apply ourselves for whatever it is that we want so badly.

Success come through high performance never, ever forget that.

From reading about and seeing this from a spiritual standpoint, it is almost the same view, I think because we must work and apply what abilities we have so that we have the resources to attract these wonderful blessing to us. Please do not mistake me as being negative about The Law of Attraction because I have tried to practice the positive way of thinking and I can confirm that I have seen things work out for me when the negative was far more dominating that the positive.

I am just naturally a person of great faith and have a positive attitude about things. I believe that we all have a God given ability to do most anything we set our minds to, if we apply ourselves. I can look back upon my life and see how my choices were to my favor when everybody else thought I was crazy. Of course I made some moves that were not so good as well, but if we do not try we never know and many times, the reason behind the motive is what really makes us succeed or fail.

If we cannot be patient within our life, we only become frustrated and confused and wind up in a big mess instead of having the calm assurance that our need will come to life. For some reason, I just do not believe that we get everything we want, simply because we do not always need everything we want and there are so many people in the world that has nothing compared to what we have. I believe that we must give to help others and it has been said that we have never really given, until we give and have nothing to give.

The list could go on and on and I am sure you could add to it. The Law of Abundance can be applied in our life at any stage and after many mistakes. No one can doom us to not being what we desire or from having what we desire but us. We make the decision and we make our life better by believing in ourselves and The Law of Attraction and know that only we can make it happen.

I do not believe that we can force all good things to happen in our life, that is not life, but I do believe that good things come to those who practice endurance, perservance and determination along with having substance of character and whole lot of faith.