Most individuals aspire to create more wealth and live an abundant lifestyle. This is exactly the reason why books such as the secret and the law of attraction become more and more popular. But there are several people who mistake the practice according to the knowledge and teachings of these books. The law of attraction says that an individual should always have the positive thoughts so that you can attract positive things in your life. But this law often is mistaken by many individuals like:

• People misunderstood the message of this law – some individuals often believe that the law of attraction will complete their dreams just by relaxing and daydreaming what they want from their lives. Now, do you think these individuals can reach their goals?

• Some people do not understand how this law works – some people believe that the world works with them in achieving their dreams which is partly true since the universe can only thrust fortune just before you but the rest of this destiny is up to you. You are the one to choose whether you will meet destiny halfway or not. Always keep in mind that lazy people never reach any of their goals ever. If you will study the successful individuals in this world, then you could see at once that each one of them went through great challenges to get to where they are now. Therefore, there is absolutely no easy path to success despite of what other individuals say, and that facing several hurdles along the way to your success is very usual.

• Most individuals easily give up – the law of attraction teaching says that you have to be always on the positive and brighter side of life in order to attract abundance and prosperity. If you easily give up once you committed a failure then, you are on the negative side and you will never attract abundance and prosperity nor make your dreams a reality.

Wrong beliefs about certain teaching and such as the law of attraction can lead you to non-achievement of your goals but if you have the positive outlook, you will never be mistaken in any of this law's teachings. In achieving your goals you only have to ensure three things and that's it – you are on your way to making your goals a reality. These three things are simply your inspiration, motivation, and determination.

These things should always be together so that you can ensure success. These three things works this way: once you are inspired, you are more motivated to achieve the goals that you have set and once you are more motivated you are determined enough to do all the possible things for the completion of your goals. Therefore, even if you are determined if you do not have any inspiration, then it is still impossible for you to reach your goals.

The very best thing that you can do is to challenge yourself and do not be contented in achieving one of your goals. Instead you should make your success and inspiration to gain another success, for instance you make your business a successful one; then you should not stop with it. Look for other ways on how you can make your business more successful. Remember that nothing is permanent in this world, so you should never stick into one or two success. Make the most out of your capabilities while you live.