The law of attraction has been around since, well, the beginning of time. But its due to the great marketing efforts of movies and books like The Secret that has catapulted it into the mainstream spotlight. In a nutshell, you attract what you think about, or more accurately – what you feel about.

The universe around you is made up of energy; this includes everything – the environment, your possessions, your body, your thoughts, everything. Since like energy attracts like energy, if you align your thoughts and feelings with what it is you would like to attract, you attract the physical manifestation of what it is you are thinking about. You speak the language of the universe, and the universe answers in kind. As mentioned above, feeling is what it's all about – since the universe speaks in the universal language of feeling. When you think of the new love that you want in your life, a simple rehash of thoughts and a few affirmations such as "I am now in a loving, committed, awesome relationship" on their own isn't enough – the positive feelings that these thoughts and affirmations bring about is the most important part. You do what you have to do to feel great about what you want – to feel as if you have it. To generate that feeling that you already have it. It's the energy behind these positive feelings that attract what you're looking for – and it's the thoughts, affirmations and actions that you associate with these feelings that help you to summon them as often as possible.

One method is to close your eyes, breathe deeply and picture yourself in the situation that you would like to be in. If it's a new promotion that you're looking for – then picture yourself in your new office, look around and see the walls, the desk, your reflection in the mirror – dressed in your best as the new managing (or whatever your goal is). Feel how you would, answer the phone as the new manager – believe that you can achieve this – that you have achieved it.

This type of visualization is a great way to practice the law of attraction – but some people struggle to think in pictures, and find their mind wondering to places other than their dreams. This can be a distraction from generating those feel good feelings. One solution to this is to make use of pictures – not just pictures that you cut out and paste in a prayer book or board (which is still a wonderful thing to do), but pictures that are unique to you, ones that you draw yourself.

Get a book full of clear, unlined pages, or an artist sketchbook – and use it as your prayer or affirmation book. Give yourself time to sit down and draw a picture of what it is you want. Draw yourself behind the wheel of your new car, draw the people waving at you and complementing you, draw yourself with a big smile on your face – anything that you associate with the feelings that the situation will bring about. A great tip is to include keywords all over the picture that remind you of all the feelings and associations of the scene. The point is not to worry about how the drawing looks, you're not making a drawing for an art gallery (unless you really want to!) – you're making something unique to you, it can be entirely abstract, black and white, color, filled with stickmen, done with just a pen – anything. The point is to give yourself over to the task – really put your feelings into the drawing and feel as you would, completely express your happy emotions through the pictures and keywords that you put on the page. This method is great for focusing your mind on the task at hand and keeps you in a state of visualization as you draw. Not only that, once your picture is completed, you just need to page to that spot in your visualization book and look at the picture the next time you do your visualizations. As you look at the drawing and read the keywords, you should find that it's easier to bring yourself back into that "space" and experience those same emotions.

This is very useful for before a meditation – instead of closing your eyes and bringing up the scene and the accompanying feelings, you stare at the picture you have drawn for a few minutes. Once you are generating the right feeling, you've gone over your keywords and you have the image on your mind – you can close your eyes and continue with a meditation that already has a solid direction. It also helps to stare at your pictures before going to bed at night, as this can imprint them on your sub conscious mind and offer you an end to the day that includes the feeling that you've obtained your biggest dreams and desires. And its these feelings that will contribute to you going to bed knowing that you can remove the picture from your prayer book as the scene has become a reality.

Practicing the law of attraction through drawings is one of the many ways that each individual can make use of this wonderful gift. Everyone thinks and experienced things in a different way, so by drawing your own pictures (and thereby taking what's in your mind and heart and putting it into paper) you are creating something that is entirely unique to you and will help you to generate images and feelings such a way that is more personal than other pictures may be able to achieve.

We each have the power and means to create every circumstance and achieve every dream that we set out to, be they big or small – and the power of attraction is one of the tools that gives us this power. Not in a standardized way that requires guides and rulebooks, but in a way that suites who each one of us are. So take the time to figure out what you choose for yourself, to meditate, to draw, to visualize the best life that you can live – just take action, and do this in the way that works best for you.