My Intention

If at any point in your life you've ever taken a step back and pondered over the idea that existence is more far reaching than plainly obvious, you are not alone in this endeavor.  Undoubtedly you've been exposed to many theories floating around regarding the true nature of what occurs behind the veiled curtain of reality's inner workings.  My attempt shall be thus, introduce my own ideas regarding our control over what happens to us, and allow you to interpret and apply as you see fit.  My intent is not to entertain, rather to alter your thought process if only in the slightest, and possibly alter your perception.

What Led Us Here

In no way can I insist my experiences are more profound than your own, though to me, they were life changing.  Life changing events can direct you down one of two major avenues, allowing yourself to be beat down, or alternatively, allowing yourself to benefit and be guided to reasons why such things occur to us and possibly be given opportunities to peek behind that hidden curtain.  Therein lies the reason for my wanting to dig deeper, learn more, and share what I've learned.

Thought Affects Reality

What you internalize, can materialize in the outside world.  Simply stated, your external reality is affected by your thoughts.  The degree to which this is possible and the exact science governing the specifics are beyond this simple introduction.  Your thoughts drive you to action, which in turn will manifest physical alterations.  While this seems obvious I completely agree, though the extent of this phenomenon I believe is limited only by imagination, in turn giving one a wide range of control over his/her existence.

In the meantime, as science occupies itself with providing concrete evidence, make an attempt to be more aware of your thoughts and focus on what you wish to bring toward you.  To begin with, it seems nearly impossible to have complete control over your thoughts, images, emotions, and memories, which seem to be continually and randomly jumping in and out of your mind.  To some degree, it is my belief we have at least minimal control, therefore an attempt should be made.

Getting The Message Out

To effect change and bring things into your reality, one must initiate the process by sending out the information. Focus on what you want, don't confine yourself to material items, consider how you want your life to be different.  My experience has shown me the best time of day for this is the evening, your mind is less encumbered with task completion, children are asleep, the house is quiet, generally neighborhoods have settled down, lights are dim and your focus is more internal.  Ideally, you're in bed, earlier than usual, you're relaxed but roughly a half hour or so from even possibly falling asleep.  Use this time to align yourself with your desired reality, and guide it into your path.  Do not allow fear and uncertainty to limit your imagination.

Creative Visualization Accompanied With Energy

Simply making a statement can be powerful enough, though to enhance the effect incorporate images and visualization, imagine yourself as a part of the reality you desire as if it were occurring in the present.  Another essential element, energy, the real fuel to initiate manifestation.  Dig deep and determine what stirs your good feelings, interweave it into your thought processes.  Music stirs those feelings?  Listen to it during this time.  This time of the day is for centering and placing your mind in a state of relaxation and readiness for the coming day.  As difficult as this may be for some of us, we must approach sleep with a clear mind, eliminate stress and worries and fears and anxieties otherwise you'll dwell upon such poisonous thoughts throughout the night and it will erode your entire being, manifesting itself in any number of harmful ways.  We must strive to let it go.

Any image or idea your mind can formulate can be brought into reality.  Theories exist which state that any and all possible outcomes of an action exist simultaneously, simply bring one into your path, and be led inexorably to it.

Be Open To The Signs

Your message has now been set adrift, it is up to you to be aware of changes being put into order.  Your previous attitude that events are predominantly random, does not hold true any longer, your faith now has been placed into the structuralized fabric of reality, seemingly random events may be your path aligning itself toward your goal.  Pay attention to people and circumstances crossing your path and realize they may be there as a result of your own doing, allow them to lead you to your desired result.

With anything in life, give back as you receive, a balance exists that allows for this process to be in existence in the first place.  Every individual wants something for themselves, never lose sight of the benefit of improving life for your neighbor.

Where We Go From Here..

..I leave to you.  If it all seems far fetched, perhaps you're not ready for this.  For me, far too many coincidences have arisen throughout my past to keep patterns from being noticed.  Maintain your believe in the utter randomness of your surroundings, or dare to believe a shred of control exists, your thoughts, over your reality.