Do you generally feel weighed down by all that you believe you do not have?  Are you lonely, overweight, drowning in debt, lethargic, bored by your current job, etc.? Most of us have struggled with one or another of these issues at some point in our lives. The first of the four main tenets of Buddhism, called The Four Noble Truths is, "Life is suffering." If that's the case, are we all doomed to live a life of lethargy, of misery, of pain?

  I would beg to differ. There's a Zen Buddhist quote that goes something along the lines of, "If there's shit on your nose, everything stinks." If you walk around with the idea of, "I'll never get well. I'll never lose the last fifteen pounds, I'm always going to feel this tired and miserable," then those things are what will manifest in your life. Even if you hold the thoughts in this manner: "I want to lose fifteen pounds, I want to be healthier, I don't want to keep suffering," you are still focusing on what you perceive to be lacking, and you will continue to manifest that which you are thinking about.

  Changing your health, your mindset, your financial situation, your experience at the workplace, etc. is as simple as changing your perspective!  Even if you feel you are stuck in a body you dislike, focusing on that will continue to make that true for you... you will forever be in a body you dislike. Thoughts become things.  Therefore, at every moment, you have the power to attract to you anything and everything you desire. It might not happen overnight but I guarantee you, it will happen!  The Law of Attraction, as detailed in the bestseller, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, is a law of physics. So, whether you believe in it or not, what you devote your thoughts to, will be attracted to you.

Try it! What can you lose? 

My recommendation would be to create your very own vision board. Imagine all the things that health and wellness mean for you. Is it a different body shape than you have now? A certain piece of clothing you'd like to wear, sport you want to play that you feel apprehensive about trying now, or locale you want to travel to that you are holding yourself back from?  Is it being free from a particular illness or having more energy?  Whatever it is, create it! Get a large poster board in a color that speaks to you, paste images from magazines or the internet or even draw what you are envisioning! Use images, text, etc. Then hang it in a place where you can look at it daily, particularly a place where you will see it upon waking. Spend 5-10 minutes first thing in the morning, at the very least, visualizing yourself joyful and healthy.

"If there's shit on your nose, everything stinks." So... wash your face!  What I mean is, change your perspective!