I have always been a dreamer and expected that I would be destined to do great things in my life.  Way back in the winter of '98, I received a Nintendo 64 with a copy of The ocarina of time for Christmas, and my best friend got a copy as well.  We would spend all day ignoring what was going on in class, and talking about where we were and what we were doing on our epic adventure.  Link was our role model, not our soggy teacher.

As an adult, I am still an avid Zelda player.  I also spend much of my free time studying human development and potential.  I am fascinated by how people can start from humble beginnings or even in very dire circumstances, and how they completely turn their environments around and then achieve amazing results.  Most of the men and women I have read about developed similar characteristics that are, not surprisingly, comparable to our beloved hero, Link.  

Here are 5 personality traits of Link and people who achieve success: 

1. Successful people know what they want


Let’s face it, successful people know what they’re doing!  They have got a desire.  They know their value and they have got a plan.  They have also got the courage to see it through.  Even if the plan does not work, their persistence is immovable, and as you know, so is Link's.  Failure does not even occur to him. He always finds a way.

 2. Successful people do not believe in failure.

Not accepting failureCredit:

Successful people have the habit of seeing their adversities as the seeds of equivalent or of greater benefit.  They think of them as stepping-stones to results.  For example, in most of the puzzles of any Zelda games sometimes, we have to try a few different ideas in order to progress.

 3. Drive


Successful people develop a profound ability to keep going!  They do not vacillate or procrastinate.  They make it happen if they want it.   For instance, if Link needs a new shield, he has got to do a favor for someone, cutting the grass or smash jars to get the money in order to buy one.  Successful people keep focusing on their goals.  They are consistent in their efforts.

 4. A pleasant person

pleasing personalityCredit:

Successful people believe in themselves.  What you believe yourself to be, you are.  A pleasant personality distinguishes one from all others.  Their attitudes express more about themselves than words do.  It might be the reason why we never hear Link talk?

5. Cooperation



Successful people understand that they have to apply the principle of cooperative effort and to be able to induce their colleagues or followers to do the same.  If Link needs to borrow a set of wings, you can rest assured that he will lend his sword.