After years of saving money from your salary, you were able to buy your own car. You were very excited to give it a try, but to your disappointment, it stalls after a few blocks. You tried to identify the problem and drove again, but you got the same results. "You got yourself a lemon hon," your wife teases. Before you get annoyed, take care of the problem immediately through the provisions of lemon laws.

Lemon laws are laws that guarantee consumers of legal protection for defective vehicles that have warranty. Warranties are included in vehicles to make sure that they are functional. The fact that the products are defective violates the manufacturer's own warranty. New cars that have "substantial problems" are considered "lemons" because they are seen as useless and easily broken. There are different sets of lemon laws across the U.S:

  • The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act – This lemon law protects buyers not only of vehicles but any kind of product that costs higher than $25. A consumer can only file a claim under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act if the product has a warranty. This law prevents manufacturers from issuing unreasonable warranties. If a manufacturer has been found guilty of selling a defective product and issuing a warranty for it, the consumer's payment may be reimbursed and his attorney fees paid.

  • The Uniform Commercial Code – Applicable to all 50 states, this law allows a consumer to demand a refund or replacement of a product that is considered a lemon.

  • Lemon laws for specific states – If a vehicle has been defective for at least 30 days within its first 15,000 miles, its consumer may file for a refund or replacement.

Before complaining to the car dealer, contact your state department and ask how you can file a claim under your state's lemon laws. Make sure that the substantial problems of the vehicle were present on the time you bought it. If you were the one who caused the vehicle's defects, lemon laws cannot be applied in your situation.

Consumers have the right to vehicles that are free from any defects, especially those that have warranties. With the help of the several lemon laws in the country, getting what they deserve is definitely easier.