I remember the excitement of graduating highschool and entering a new chapter of my life, a new world. There were so many new things I was doing that my mind and heart were in a state of ecstasy. This continuous exploring and learning was filling me life and a tremendous amount of happiness.

Sadly, this quickly started tapering off. I joined new circles, started college, and started frequenting the same spots every weekend. At first I tried to convince myself that it was the way things work. "That's just life", I said. I keep at it for weeks and months until after about 2 years after. I just had it. I couldn't convince myself that I was going to do the same things, go to the same places, and experience the same things for the rest of my life. Waiting to start a new chapter of my live, start new circles, and experience new things was like a drug that you couldn't get enough of and living the "normal" life would only allow me to experience it every now and again, every few years to a decade, and I was not having that.

Make Your Own Path

I decided that I was not going to follow on the road most commonly followed and work my way to unhappiness. I know people who have live their life that way. Going to college, starting a career, get married, have kids, raise a family is not a bad life. It's just road I want to follow. I want to experience life and the world. All of it! I want it so bad that I would not only daydream about it, I would try to think up ways for me to be able to do it. Travel, meet new people, explore new horizons, and constanly learn of new things.

I wanted it so much that the universe went along with me. I started stumbling upon new age kind of people. People who not only wanted the same I wanted, they were living it. People like Tim Ferriss from the 4 Hour Workweek and Mark Anastasi from The Laptop Millionare. I read their books over and over with facination sprinkling out of my eyes. They not only showed me it is possible, they give me ways for me to do it.

Escape The 9 To 5

Follow Your Dreams

The Laptop Millionaire: How Anyone Can Escape the 9 to 5 and Make Money Online
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(price as of Jan 10, 2015)
This book covers every conceivable idea for making money on the Internet. Those ideas work just as well for first timers as for seasoned I'M professionals. I'm usually doubtful about so-called case studies, but this book mentioned 3 people whose site I follow, and I knew their stories to be true as presented.
Don't expect to learn everything from the book, but look for a thorough and honest overview of the marketing world.
The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich (Expanded and Updated)
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(price as of Jan 10, 2015)
This book wakes you up from the consequences of the ownership decisions we make and the so-called common sense that when carefully considered don't make sense at all. Why are we living indentured to local cost of living, taxes and property?
Countless success stories that you can copy or mimic or just get inspiration from. Make the jump and truly live a full life, a fulfilling life.

I started taking actions and following strategies highlighted in the books. I'm not going to lie. It wasn't easy and I did not start making money online immediately, but it allowed me start building the life I wanted and gave me the courage to follow through. Within a few month I started seeing some income come in which re-validated me that I should continue, thankfully I ignore other people's noise about how I'm throwing my life away, and I kept at it for another few month until I was making enough that I didn't have to worry about paying the bills each month. Now I get to do what I wanted the most. I get to explore, experiment with life and see just what's out there. I'm not afraid anymore that I'm going to die not living a full life, not seeing everything there is to see out there. I started writing on InfoBarrel to share my experiments in life and to show other ways to accomplish your goals. Of course, it's also supplementing my income. :)

What do you want out of your life?

Leave a comment telling the world about what that is and see yourself work your way to it. Do not let anyone stop you from getting the life you want. Join me in my experiments and finding what else is out there.