First Thing's First

Making a Video

Creating a video on Youtube is not terribly difficult but it does take a little preparation. You need to set up a space. I have filmed every place in my home trying to find the perfect lighting and setup. It just doesn't exist. You simply have to find what works for you. For example the video below was filmed in my bathroom and that seems to work well. I can set up the tripod on the sink with all my makeup below it and BAM I am ready to go. Of course there are always problems and sometimes I just stare at the camera, but that's part of the fun of Youtube, right??

Editing a Video - Now the Fun Begins

You have to edit your video no matter what. For one, it will be way to long if you don't. You also have to take out all the ums and dead air so you don't look like a complete airhead. Don't worry I put those things at the front of the video. The intro is always a look at the things I didn't do right. I have 45 videos on Youtube and I still mess up, look the wrong way, forget what I meant to say, and make funny faces. It is just going to happen. You have to be yourself, if you aren't it shows. You look and sound fake and people don't want to watch, but I got way off track.

I use Windows Movie Maker, it works for me. There are much fancier programs, but I can't really figure them out. I simply add a title, some music, and cut out all the fluff. To me Youtube is fun, so if my videos don't look professionally done by a film making company with all the props, it doesn't bother me.

You have to edit though! It's a must!


Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, A blog. The nightmare goes on. If you want people to watch your videos you have to be active. You can't expect them to come to you by chance. I love talking to other youtubers, collaborating with some even. It's always going to be about networking. If you want people to see your videos you have to be engaging. Don't just tweet 'Watch my video - Read my Blog - Follow Me Now' That's annoying. Talk about things, ask questions, answer questions and be yourself. As long as you aren't showing it down their throat, people will want to watch you.


This is just the tip of the ice burg. While these three things The Video, The Edit, and Promotion are huge, there is so much that goes into each one of them. I will tell you all about it the next time I post. Thanks for reading!