Lonely dog

It's raining, it's cold. Next week they are promising a cold snap that will be so severe that not only the cold will be snapping. The leaves will freeze and snap off the branches, the branches will snap off the tree. Wet hair will snap off your scalp.

When the snow falls, the mood falls. There is no sunshine, there is only rain,Bleak farm ice, and snow. The wind howls around your head when you go outside, and you think that you will never be able to comb your hair again! It seems as though all is lost, but it is not. Do not despair. It's merely the change of the seasons.

The lilacs don't bloom in the fall. The smells are not fresh and clean, but the scents are distinctive. In the fall there is chocolate and turkey, pie and brownies. The scents may not be the same but they can be just as uplifting as those fresh, clean scents that bring forth the new generation of the planet.

The bleakness that many feel, cabin fever if you will, comes when the sun goes. They are unable to tolerate the cooling temperatures, causing such a sadness to come over them. They are depressed not for any reason other than the sunshine has gone away. These people would do themselves a great deal of good if they were to consider a smile once in a while.


Lilac is beautiful, purple and white, sometimes a pink color. The sweet smell of lilac can fill your home, your environment, your spirit with such happiness. It can't come soon enough--the blooming of lilacs in the spring.

SadnessIt is lonely in the winter. The cold and wet weather keeps you from taking walks, keeps you from sitting on a park bench. It is a somber and sobering time of year. Your family stays home, your friends find indoor activities to keep them occupied. Reading books, watching television, help you to gain a little perspective, and calm your loneliness for a while. Getting lost in a good story cannot do more than that. But that can be enough for many people. Open the curtains, let the light come filtering through the haze on the windows. Is the light enough? Sure, the sun is hiding behind the clouds, but it is at least light.

Ridding their lives of the sobriety of winter is easy. Pull on your coat and take a nice walk. The cool, brisk air on your cheeks will revitalize as much as the sunshine. It will bring color to your face, and Snow angelblood to your brain. Happiness comes from inside, not from outside. When you feel that chill, think about that time you went sledding for the first time by yourself. Remember how you used to make snow angels and then run into the house soaking wet to get your favorite home made cocoa?

Is fall and winter really that bad? The colors of the harvest trees are beautiful,Fall trees the snow is white and pure, as though a new beginning is being introduced to the world. The cleansing effects of snow, the beautiful foliage of fall trees are more than enough to keep the imagination working overtime keeping your own personal direction going forward.

Thanksgiving dinner (31540)

So, bake some pie, make some cookies, and get that turkey ready. It's almost time for the families to converge on your world, and it would be oh so much better if you were happy before they get here. Life is too short to let a little less sunshine get you down.

Lilac tree

Don't worry, the lilacs will be back in the spring, right on schedule!