Abraham Lincoln, America's 16th president, was born February 12, 1809 in a one-room cabin located on Sinking Spring Farm in southeast Kentucky. When Lincoln turned two the family moved to Knob Creek Farm due to land issues involving the Sinking Spring Farm. The Lincolns lived at Knob Creek until the family moved to Indiana in 1816.

Today both Lincoln farms are historical landmarks and make up the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park which consists of two main sections: Lincoln's Birthplace Unit and Lincoln's Boyhood Home Unit.

The Birthplace Unit encompasses 116 acres of the Sinking Spring Farm. The two major attractions on this site include a replica of Lincoln's birthplace cabin housed within the Memorial Building and the Sinking Spring, which gave the farm its name and provided the Lincoln family with its water source.
The log cabin where Lincoln was born was demolished prior to 1865, and many believe that the logs were used to build another house.

In 1894, entrepreneur A.W. Dennett bought the old Lincoln farm and used logs from this house to build a replica based on the original Lincoln cabin. In the early 1900s, a non-profit group, the Lincoln Farm Association (LFA) purchased the Lincoln farmstead from Dennett in order to preserve it. In the early 1900s, John Russell Pope designed a Memorial Building that was placed on the Sinking Spring site. The LFA donated this site to the federal government in 1916 where it was administered by the War Department until 1933 when it was transferred to the National Park Service.

Just a few miles from the Sinking Spring site, the Boyhood Home Unit is located on 30 acres of the Knob Creek Farm where Lincoln spent his formative years. The Knob Creek Unit also includes the privately owned Nancy Lincoln Inn.

The Knob Creek site was privately owned until it became a part of the historical site in 2001. The cabin at Knob Creek actually belonged to neighbors of the Lincolns, the Gollahers, whose son saved the young Abraham from drowning during his childhood. It shows what the Lincoln's cabin probably looked like.
The Park is located at 2995 Lincoln Farm Road in Hodgenville, Kentucky. It is currently open to the public daily from 8 AM-4:45 PM (ET), although hours of operation may vary by season. Admission to both areas of the park is free. While visitors may view the outside of the Memorial, the interior is currently closed for renovation. In addition, the park also offers various programs and activities including: Ranger led activities, hiking, movies, picnicking, and bird and wildlife watching. So plan a visit to see a piece of history.