The Lion King is definitely one of the best animated movies from Disney in my heart. It is so classical with the phenomenal story, lovely characters, and excellent music. Everyone who has watched The Lion King would remember the beautiful and heart-melting rhythms in the movies, such as "Circle of Life" and "Can You Feel the Love Tonight." Not to mention they also won the Best Original Score and Best Song of the Academy Award. Thus, when I saw that the special edition of The Lion King DVD has been released, I knew I had to own it!

This Special Platinum Edition of The Lion King DVD is just one of my Disney movie collections, but it is my favorite one. This two-disc DVD contains so many features, which are worth taking the time to go though each of them. But what I love most is its restored visual effects and two 5.1 soundtracks: Dolby Digital and a new Disney Enhanced Home Theater Mix. Not only does the film presentation look more vivid and gorgeous, the sound effects are so different in thunderous 5.1 soundtrack. I really enjoyed the resonant opening of "Circle of Life" reverberating in my living room. The roaring of Simba's father, Mufasa is also quite stunning in Dolby sound effect.

The first disc pretty much contains the movie itself only, while the second disc has deleted segments, background stories, and games. But there is a feature that you should not miss in the first disc. That is the commentary from the director and producer. You would learn so many interesting insights of the production of this movie. This special edition DVD also has a new song "morning report," from the adopted The Lion King musical, but I don't have much feeling about the new song since I didn't see the musical.

One thing I have noted is that several scenes seem to be redrawn. Some scenes are not quite the same as I remembered when I watched the movie in the theater. This is a little disappointing. However, I still love this movie so much and it is definitely a great edition of a DVD that needs to be added into your collection.