Years ago it was rare to see a water fountain adorning the walls of a home or business and when you did there was a good chance it would be a lion water fountain.  Now it seems that wall mounted water fountains are starting to appear in places almost everywhere we go.  It is really no wonder, as the sight and sound of water has always been soothing and somewhat therapeutic.  The most simple and inexpensive way to share in the fountain trend is with a self contained wall mounted unit.  The wonderful thing about these water features is that they can be hung anywhere in the home or office.  You can choose to hang it inside in a lobby or entry way or outside on a patio or in a court yard.  Where ever you decide to utilize this decorative option it is sure to enhance the surroundings for you, your family, guests, customers or employees.

Water fountains are made in numerous different styles, shapes and sizes therefore selecting one for any situation is easily done.  They are manufactured using stone, brick, copper and other metals and come in an array of different finishes.  In addition to the lion head water fountain mentioned earlier, water features are designed using an almost limitless number of themes.  If you are able to imagine it, it is likely someone has it available or can custom build it to your specifications if you desire.
When you enter a home or office which is adorned with a wall mounted water fountain, the fountain is easily the first thing that catches your eye.  Many designers use this feature in order to immediately calm the visitor and, of course, to also make a lasting impression with a special, well placed focal feature.  You know that if you walk into an office building and the first thing you see is that lion water fountain, you will be more likely to remember your visit to that building.

While these fountains were utilized in more upscale buildings in the past, and then only in common areas such as lobbies and courtyards, they are now appearing in the offices of some of the upper level employees at Fortune 500 companies.  I wonder if Lee Iococca ever had a lion head water fountain in his office when he was working for nothing and trying to save the Chrysler Corporation last time it needed saving.  Oh well, back on topic.  In addition to placing a water fountain in the office, many homeowners are finding these features to be great additions to their entry ways, hallways and most any area near a bedroom or other area of relaxation.  Of course, you will not find a better location at your home for any type water fountain than an outdoor garden or patio.  I know I have spent many afternoons relaxing by the garden pond and water fountain with a nice cool drink and my best dog Lucky at my side.

Even if a lion water fountain is not your style, you will be hard pressed to find any item in your decor that will draw more attention and praise then a well placed, well designed water feature.  Even a simple water fountain consisting of a bucket of water trickling onto a rock garden pond will provide many hours of soothing and relaxing lounging.  Whatever you taste or budget leans toward, a little investigation is sure to find the ideal water fountain for the interior or exterior of your home or office.