The little black dress (or "LBD") can look charming, fascinating, beautiful, stylish, sexy and elegant on any woman.  It is something that every woman has hidden away inside their closet for that special occasion. It is a fashion necessity.  The LBD is the most common dress among women and is liked by majority of their owners and men too!  

Little Black Dress
Credit: Maegan, flickr

 An epitome of classic style, the LBD has been a staple since the 1920s.  Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel first brought the dress to the forefront of fashion back in 1926.  Black dresses had of course existed before this time but only really as a sign of mourning.

A little black dress can be purchased for women and girls of all age groups.  It is timeless, elegant, darn near failsafe, and well poised to remain a wardrobe must-have for many years to come. Your little black dress has come a long way from being just a simple looking black dress.  

Little Black Dresses
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LBDs are a great choice to be used in different events, for formal events like weddings and evening dinners, cocktail parties, and girls' nights out.  Most women try to buy at least one because of the difference it make while considering other clothes.  A hollow V neck is a popular black dress that comes in numerous designs and patterns.  Denim jackets can be worn alongside a black dress to add a casual appearance.

The black dress is the ubiquitous style staple for a formal evening affair.  It is a symbol of chic and sophisticated simplicity.  It coordinates wonderfully with a lovely silk scarf in today’s prints and trendy colors.

Allure of the Little Black Dress
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Many variations on the little black dress can be purchased through numerous sources which include online stores as well as local vendors. It is considered to be the most suitable attire for all occasions.  Even on its own with a single item of jewelry, the little black dress is complete attire that never goes out of fashion.