The Dyson, as I found it to be in its advertisements, is top notch when it comes to vacuum cleaning technology. I know that a Dyson is equipped with state of the art technology which allows every piece of Dyson technology to function excellently in rough conditions. So I finally got one for my own and sad to say there are still a few cons which can be found once you have actually purchased a Dyson for yourself. It pays to know what you are getting into, especially if it is as big an investment as getting the Dyson for your home.

The biggest downside which I found with a Dyson when compared to other vacuum cleaning machines is its cost. Compared to other cheaper brands, a Dyson costs a big deal. It is not like I am are trying to get the cheapest vacuum cleaner I can get your hands on, which I should not if I am looking for quality cleaning capabilities. But, a Dyson simply just costs a lot more than what I was initially willing to spend for another home cleaning machine.

There are other drawbacks to a Dyson machine which I also later found out. A Dyson cleaner is not all that practical once I compared the actual product to the ones in the advertisements. In my actual Dyson, I would have to clean the brushes at least once a week because of all that dirt which stays in the brushes. I also found that cleaning the bin can also be difficult, especially once the small particles start to settle into the less reachable areas of the bin and then I would have to start wiping it off rather than just throwing everything in the trash bin, like in the advertisements. Another impractical feature which I found to be disappointing is the lack for an automatic winding feature. With my Dyson, I would have to wind it manually which is rather difficult. A Dyson is also not as versatile as it is advertised to be. Cleaning on wooden or tiles floors can be done perfectly, but my Dyson does not live up to its promises in most area rugs. Another big disappointment I found is the complicated set-up of the Dyson. Once I got mine out of the box, assembling it proved to be very confusing, especially since it was my first time assembling one.

Over all, a Dyson is a good cleaner and could very much almost live up to its promises. It just so happens that it would have certain drawbacks, as would other machines.