The idea about retiring from writing wouldn't even be contemplated a good few years back (apart from your famous authors and the such like).

But InfoBarrel (in my opinion more so than any other current content revenue site) has given us the platform to just do that.

Below I have compiled a plan backed up with some maths on how to do just that.

Although the figures below are all estimates, and extrapolated data.

It does represent a goal and a plan of action, which is better than nothing at all as it provides me with a direction of what I want to achieve, and what needs to be done in order to achieve these goals.

I hope the figures below are slightly pessimistic also, but if the plan isn't well 'going to plan,' I can readjust and adapt the plan to suit the goal.

(Even if this means going for a whole new ball game)

So every month I will produce an income report, alongside my progress right until I reach the goal where I am actually able to retire and not work.

I am only 20 now, so if I can retire in 10 years time this would actually be ... amazing!

Not many people can say they have retired at 30!

So .... the meaty maths.

Over the next ten years I will have 3650 days to work with.

If I manage to produce three articles every day for the next 10 years.

(sounds really heavy when said like this, but it  doesn't quite sound as bad as 9 to 5 for the next 50 years!)

In total I will then have approximately just under 11,000 articles.

Then from the 11,000 articles, I need to try and be aiming to reach an average of three views per article per day (according to this is quite pessimistic.

So in total, I will be gaining 33,000 views per day.

Then, the blog also estimates that you earn roughly $15 per 1000 views.

33 x $15 = $495 a day.

Then if we mutliply that by the 365 days to get my overall salary: $180,675 per year

I think that this will be more than a sufficent wage.

This hasn't even taken into consideration my referral strategy.

I am going to give an overview on the long term here.

Hopefully I will be looking at signing up 15 referrals on average every month, like I have done this month (hopefully more towards the end, as more articles will reach more people and my blog will have gain a bigger audience etc.)

So if I manage to acheive my target of averaging 15 referrals a month for 120 months (ten years) this should give me a total of 1800 referrals.

Hopefully on average they will produce at least an average of five articles at least each.

In total I will then recieve a 2% advertising comission from over 9000 articles!

But I do know not to put all my eggs into one basket...