Lost any valuable metal objects of late?

Who has not at one time or another lost  jewelry or small item of monetary or sentimental value?

A Sad Honeymoon Story

I remembered when a middle son and his precious wife went on their honeymoon to Hawaii.  Following the perfect wedding, all parties involved just imagined what a fabulous time they were enjoying in Hawaii.  Upon picking them up at the airport, I noticed the newly marriedReward(56644) husband did not have on his wedding ring.  As I looked down at his finger to ask, a sad explanation came forth.  On the first day, they were in the blissful setting and enjoying the beach, his ring had come off in the water.  The hotel told them that it happened every day.  The hotel keeps a log of the jewelry item descriptions and numbers to get in touch with people. They claim that lost items return to their owners later.    I know that it sounds far-fetched that someone would ever get something back in those circumstances.  I guess having some hope  is better than none.   A new ring, same in looks and complete with inscription, arrived the next week.

Listening to the morning newscast on ABC the other day, something intriguing caught my ear.  A similar story told, one of a poor guy who had custom designed an engagement ring for his fiancée, made the news.  Upon diving into Lake Livingston in Texas, the ring disappeared.  Thoughts of the missing ring in Hawaii came to mind, but then I kept listening.  They FOUND the ring in the water by enlisting the help of an organization called appropriately, The Lost My Stuff Group.  This sounds too crazy, I realize.

Description of The Lost My Stuff Group
The nonprofit group asks online if anyone has lost a ring, bracelet, watch, necklace, or other metal object that needs finding. The offer is for someone belonging to their volunteer group to find it.  Incredibly, there is no charge for their service.  A stated goal is to help people in need as they believe it the right thing to do!  Is that not refreshing in today’s news? Members are from Canada, China, Germany, New Zealand, Peru, United Kingdom, and USA.

How It Works
The person with the lost item fills out and submits a Lost Item Report online. The organization sends the request to a volunteer near the site where the item is believed lost.  If they can help, an email or phone number goes back to the requester. Items lost on a person’s own property qualify for a search.  If the person lost the item in a public place like a park, beach, golf course, or school, the organization states that it is critical that the search be immediate lest it is found by someone else and not returned.
Items Found
Items recovered so far include; rings, bracelets, watches, necklaces, earrings, glasses, keys, and a host of miscellaneous items such as iPads!

Want to Volunteer?
The all-call is out for metal detectorists wanting to volunteer to help people search for their lost items.

In going online, I saw a video of the story of the Texas couple finding the lost engagement ring.  The whole story made my heart sing!  Maybe I should call them up about a ring lost in Hawaii six years ago?